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I have been to Ukraine twice and once in Kiev and had no problem. I did not run into a lot of people that spoke English but there were enough.

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A lot of restaurants in the center have menus in English. It helps if you familiarize yourself with reading the alphabet and know a few phrases in Russian. The first time I went, I stayed in Kiev mostly and the woman I was meeting came to stay with me and brought a friend to translate.

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Since the friend was familiar with Kiev she also acted as a tour guide and showed us around. Before they arrived and after they left I had no problems getting around on my own. The second time I went, I rented a car at the airport and drove out to Poltava and learned my phone did not work and I did not have a card for the public phones. I would buy a local phone or a card for the public phones prior to venturing out like that but it was no problem to find my apartment there and get settled.

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I never was out very late when I think is your best time of day to encounter a problem. After the first meeting, I restricted myself to only meeting women who knew some english so we could talk without a third person present. Both of these women I had exchanged email and phone calls with previously to my arrival and both were exactly as presented on the agency web site.

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I have seen a web site for escort agencies in Kiev but, I did not go there for that. HIV is easily stopped by a condom and they are for sale in most if not all grocery stores. My last note is that both of the women I met previously did not work out because in my opinion they seemed to be primarily interested in how much I would spend on them. I'm not rich enough to spend much so I think it's better to clarify that before buying the airplane ticket.

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I don't regret going to see Ukraine and I actually want to see more whether I meet a potential wife or not. Gentlemen, may I please encourage you to move any further discussion on this topic off the forum to the private messaging. You are balancing on the edge of forum guidelines now, and it will be a shame to have this thread removed entirely from the forum by TA mods as has been done before with all the other discussions related to local women , because much helpful information has already been shared here.

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According to the United Nations, of nearly 18, children born by HIV-positive mothers in Ukraine, 10, children have not contracted HIV and another 5, children under eighteen months have yet to receive final results of an examination. The spread of HIV among the Ukrainian street children attracted a lot of special research interest due to their risky way of life. According to the obtained data around Since , drug substitution programs have been introduced in Ukraine. By the end of September , they were offered to about persons in 38 locations.

It is also less frequently used and thoroughly researched worldwide. Buprenophin is more accepted by society and politicians, however, because it is seen as a painkiller. Methadone, in contrast, is viewed as a drug subscribed at public expense.

In patients and advocacy groups complained of occasional supply shortages in Ukrainian AIDS clinics. In the War in Donbass the separatist authorities of the Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic have banned methadone and substitution therapy and have taken a hard line on drug addiction and have banned most international medical organizations.

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Prevention activities have been largely funded by international organizations. Because HIV testing is limited to government facilities, those at greatest risk are not being reached, since marginalized populations are the least likely to use government facilities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Prisons in Ukraine. Kyiv Post.

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Retrieved 1 December Retrieved 30 January Human Rights Watch. The Independent. World Bank.

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