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The chromatogram was evaluated by software of evaluating similarity. The components of different species in Taraxacum were the same and could be substituted for each other. The contents of coffeic acid and chlorogenic acid in different producing areas were very different,which in fecund soil was better. The period of flowering and fruiting in Spring was the best gather period, and the components in different parts were different. The quality of medicinal materal within Taraxacum should be controlled better by this method. To understand the current status of human resources of parasitic disease control and prevention organizations in Henan Province , so as to provide the reference for promoting the integrative ability of the prevention and control of parasitic diseases in Henan Province.

The questionnaires were designed and the method of census was adopted. The information, such as the amounts, majors, education background, technical titles, working years, and turnover in each parasitic disease control and prevention organization was collected by the centers for disease control and prevention CDCs at all levels. The data were descriptively analyzed. Totally CDCs were investigated, in which only There were only full-time staffs working on parasitic disease control and prevention in the whole province , in which only Those with junior college degree or below in the health professionals accounted for Most of them The proportion of the health professionals is low in the parasitic disease control and prevention organizations in Henan Province.

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The human resource construction for parasitic disease control and prevention at all levels should be strengthened. Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii infection and risk factors in domestic sheep in Henan province , central China.

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Sheep are highly susceptible to infections with Toxoplasma gondii and play a major role in the transmission of toxoplasmosis to humans. In the present study, serum samples from sheep were collected from Henan province , central China from March to May , and antibodies to T.

The overall seroprevalence of T. The risk factors significantly associated with T. This is the first report of T. Zhang et al.

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Research on the effects of wind power grid to the distribution network of Henan province. With the draining of traditional energy, all parts of nation implement policies to develop new energy to generate electricity under the favorable national policy. The wind has no pollution, Renewable and other advantages. It has become the most popular energy among the new energy power generation.

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The development of wind power in Henan province started relatively late, but the speed of the development is fast. The wind power of Henan province has broad development prospects. Wind power has the characteristics of volatility and randomness. The wind power access to power grids will cause much influence on the power stability and the power quality of distribution network, and some areas have appeared abandon the wind phenomenon. So the study of wind power access to power grids and find out improvement measures is very urgent.

Energy storage has the properties of the space transfer energy can stabilize the operation of power grid and improve the power quality. To analyze the epidemiological characteristics of malaria in Henan Province , and provide the basis for adjusting and formulating measures of malaria elimination timely. Henan Province reported 17, malaria cases in , annual incidence was 0. The cases were mainly distributed in Shangqiu , Nanyang , Xinyang , Zhumadian , and Zhoukou , with more young male adults. The highest-risk population was farmers. More cases concentrated in August and September before , but no obvious seasonal peak were seen after Vivax malaria occupied The laboratory confirmed cases during took To explore the status on visual disability and the leading causes in residents in Henan Province.

It was a cross-sectional study and a part of the National Epidemiological Study on the disability in Sample size was assigned to Henan study by the protocol of the National epidemiological study on the disability. Stratified, equal interval, proportional probability; four-stage sampling was adopted. Survey teams were organized, and survey personnel was trained in the sampled counties and cities. Visual disabled persons were screened by home to home visit and confirmed by ophthalmologists.

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Among them, persons just suffer from the visual disability simple visual disability , persons had multiple disability including the visual disability multiple disability. Among them, persons 0. The age of the most of the persons with visual disability was more than 50 years old. The prevalence of the simple visual disability in male and female was 0. Clinical features of patients with Myasthenia gravis from the Henan province , China.

Myasthenia gravis MG occurs globally, and many studies have indicated that there are regional differences in epidemiology, biomarkers, and prognosis of MG. A total of patients with MG who visited hospitals in the Henan Province between January and February were included. Age, gender, age at onset, serum antibody, thymus pathology, treatment information, and Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America MGFA classification were assessed.

Compared with previous reports from other areas, we found some differences in MG patients from Henan. The proportion of childhood MG in our study was lower than other reports of Oriental patients with MG. There seems to be an association between onset age, muscle involvement, and acetylcholine receptor antibody levels. Thymectomy improved the symptoms in These differences are likely related to geographical, environmental, and ethnic differences. Understanding these differences will help us to define more specific treatment.

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The trend of carbon emission in Henan Province under the background of renewable energy development. Based on the strategic planning of electric power resources, this paper deeply studies the development trend of renewable energy power generation in Henan Province , compares it with the whole country and central China and analyzes the peak of carbon dioxide emissions from power generation capacity, which provides reference for government and power industry development plan.

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Seroprevalence and risk factors of Neospora caninum infection among domestic sheep in Henan province , central China. This study aimed to determine the frequency of antibodies to Neospora caninum in domestic sheep raised in Henan province , central China. Serum samples from domestic sheep were collected from March to May , and antibodies to N.

The results showed an overall IgG positive rate of 7. The risk factors significantly related to seropositivity to N. This is the first report of N. Both qualitative and quantitative mixed methods were used. In this village, there were residents, Socially, the epidemic was geography-, kinship-, and conformity-related. Structurally, the related macrostructure factor was policy endorsement of national blood products. The microstructure factors were poverty and value belief on male child in passing down generations.

The epidemic is temporary and socially determined. Genetic diversity of Trichomonas vaginalis clinical isolates from Henan province in central China. Trichomonas vaginalis is a flagellated protozoan parasite that infects the human urogenital tract, causing the most common non-viral, sexually transmitted disease worldwide. In this study, genetic variants of T. Overall, 18 haplotypes were determined from the 18S rRNA sequences. Each sampled population and the total population displayed high haplotype diversity Hd , accompanied by very low nucleotide diversity Pi.

In these molecular genetic variants, Phylogenetic analysis revealed no correlation between phylogeny and geographic distribution. Demographic analysis supported population expansion of T. Our findings showing moderate-to-high genetic variations in the 32 isolates of T. With economic development, urban residents' in levels rises gradually and their daily consumption structure tends to be demands of development and enjoyment.

Sport consumption, as a social and cultural consumption, with a high level of enjoyment and development of consumer properties, has been gradually recognized by the general population and an important reference for the measure of quality of residents' life. In this paper, questionnaire survey, literature, expert interviews and mathematical statistics methods are used to analyze the awareness, motivation, level of consumption, survey structure and constraints of sports consumption of urban residents of Henan Province.

The results are: the proportion of sports participants of urban residents' of Henan Province is small, there is a large space for sports consumption development; sports consumer awareness is relatively backward, sports consumption values are gradually formed; the overall level of sports consumption is low and the consumption structure is single. Therefore, the advocacy of sports consumption should be strengthened, attention should be paid to physical infrastructure, strengthening the sports industry structure optimization, put emphasis on the introduction and training of sports talents, target to develop sports tourism and minority sports resources, and create a good environment of csports consumption.

Nowadays, there is a trend of HIV prevalence transmitting from high-risk group to average-risk group in China. A health promoting and social-psychological support model was constructed to improve the health knowledge of participants. Chi-square tests and unconditional logistic regression were performed to determine the intervention effect and influencing factors. All groups had misunderstandings towards the basic medical knowledge and the AIDS transmission mode.

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Before the intervention, There was statistically significant difference in the improvement of knowledge, attitude and action with regards to HIV prevention before and after intervention P Molecular mutation profile of pfcrt in Plasmodium falciparum isolates imported from Africa in Henan province. Anti-malarial drug resistance is a primary public health problem. Haplotypes of pfcrt gene have been implicated to be molecular markers of chloroquine CQ resistance.

This study aims to explore the prevalence of polymorphisms in pfcrt in Plasmodium falciparum-infected patients imported from Africa in Henan province. Blood samples were collected from patients who were infected with P. The single nucleotide polymorphisms in pfcrt codons were assessed by nested PCR with DNA sequencing and restriction digestion, the haplotype prevalences were also determined.

This study identified four haplotypes of pfcrt in P. The prevalence of mutations in the pfcrt was dropped comparing with other people's researches. It establishes fundamental data for detection of P. Effects of the floods on dysentery in north central region of Henan Province , China from to Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and Xinxiang, the cities in the north central region of Henan Province , suffered from many times floods from to We focused on dysentery disease consequences of floods and examined the association between floods and the morbidity of dysentery, based on a longitudinal data.

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