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Chen, Robert Shanmu. University of British Columbia. Biographical accounts and literary criticisms on him are unable to avoid partiality, fragmentation, and insubstantiality. Thus this thesis intends to provide a substantial biographical account of Bao Zhao as a Scholar-official, to delineate the mentality of him as a poet and an intellectual, and to offer an integral account of his position in the history of Chinese literature. This thesis consists of a biographical study of Bao Zhao, a complete English translation of his poems, and an analytical study of his poetry.

The complete translation is to provide spectrum of Bao Zhao's poetry for a better analytical perspective. After a full hour of intake, the amount consumed registered 70 pounds of ho' dogs, 45 dozen buns.

Material Information

This picnic winds up the sum- mer recreational program of Cris- tobal under the sponsorship of Mr. Luke Palumbo and his gym- nasium assistants and was in re- sponse to the popular demand for a picnic instead of the annual sports awards. Patrick- Day Purse. Louis Is a three-foot seven-loch Ed GaOdel. Bob Cain walked the little wretch, of course,.

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The catcher on his knees is Bob Swift, the umpire Ed Hurley. Lincoln Life One of the outstanding features of the game was the play of the so-called "second stringers" who brought their team from behind and went on to win despite the loss of two of the star? The game began evenly enough with Albrook holding a single point edge by toe end of the first quarter and a five-point lead at half-time, but when Wally Trout and then Jim Brady were eject- ed from the game for unsports-' manlike conduct their hot-head- edness proved to be a boon to the' Lincoln Life team when they were replaced with Henry Phil- lips and Willy Simpson, both of whom proved to be of more value to the squad.

Simpson deserves special men- tion for his play, especially on defense when he recovered re- bound after rebound to keep his team in the fight.

UBC Theses and Dissertations

For the winners George Down- ing and Edgar Kourany account- ed for 13 and 12 points respec- tively, while for Albrook, Don Lee continued his fine play as he tal- lied 21 points, closely followed by teammate Sol Sclafani with The second game of the eve- ning found the Mauricio team breaking into the win column at the expense of a Royal Crown team weakened by the lack of re- placements for players lost via the foul route. Feature of the game was the 34 points scored by Ed Capalbo, 17 of them in the final quarter, as he set a new scoring record for the league. Boo Gibson account- ed o:r 11 points for the winners, while for R.

Emilio Sonell led the way with 16 points, followed by Carlos Santos with Sunday night the Albrook Fly- ers and the Royal Crown Soda- men will meet In a single game to determine the winner of the first half of play. Both teams won nine games while losing three during first-half play, but all three of the Albrook team's de- feats were at the hands of the Royal Crown team and If the So- damen can muster their full strength for Sunday's game.

Only one game will be played Sunday night an this will start at 8 o'clock with admis- sion prices set at 25 cents. Two previous games between these teams resulted in one-point decisions, but the 33rd unleashed a power Friday night that drown- ed the hopes of Special Troops. The 33rd seemed to have the game in the bag at the half, when they were leading, , but Spe- cial Troops still had plenty of fight.

By the start of the fourth period' the lead had been gradu- ally whittled until a basket by Arnold Special Troops brought his team to within two points of a tie, However, the 33rd found the range again and poured it on. Then the 33rd scored seven times while holding Special Troops.

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For the remainder of the first half 33rd controlled the play and maintained its big lead. The 33rd's players will receive trophies at a regimental parade to be held on the Fort Kobbe air- strip. Special Troops will honor its players at a banquet. An all-star team will be chosen from tournament players to rep- resent Army in the Inter-Service Round Robin.

Ar- my Caribbean. They are: Sept. Navy at Coco 8olo; Sept.


Air Force at Fort Clayton; Sept. Army at Fort Kobbe; Sept. Army at ort Kobbe; Sept. Navy at Coco Solo; Sept. Army at Fort Clayton. Obtainable in six attractive colors. Then give your family this scien- tific, vitamin-rich food-tonic every day, as many doctors recommend. You'll soon have a stronger and healthier family. Wamhlarton at Detroit. Yesterday's Results Wash. Smith's inexperienced catcher couldn't' hang onto his slants, let three third-strike pitches get past him. All three batters got on. He finally got the side out in that frame by strik- ing out three more.

Natbuad Leap.

The Straits Times, 12 February 1988

Today's Gisme St. LouBs at ieVr Te t. Chlcoo at Pittebuargh at Fbiladeipbia.

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When You buy Gin Make sure it's Dry, naturally dry. Make sure it's Clear, crystal clear. Make sure it's the Right Proof 90 proof - for perfect mixing, perfect taote. Di0tilled nld bottles by Sma Ewans Compty. Pansait CoMm. If I R,4 a Ms. Erb M. White rose buds r lew M M Jr. M s s ry'e. Bal, Mrs. Humberto i, H i M. Marvel Oringoire Mr. M'o S. Hedges, Mr. Edward Ralph uke, Mrs. HrertTo- Henrique, Mr. Herman dao. Nown Mr. Peril Cliford Maduro, Mrs. Kenneth Humphreys, Mr. Walter Delvalle, Mrs. Hunnicutt, Captain and Mrs. Mrs Hu- Lyle L4 Koepke.

Mailer, Mr. Albert Mot- Anita Neff, Mrs. TIoed Work- ta, Captain and Mrs. William man, Mrs. John b erhaslettr Parsons, Mr. Noonan, Mr. James JamesCain, Mr. Mn Henrl- Plala, Mr. Samuel D. Idward J, rl Puller. Colonel and Mrs. James M. Marcel Garigoire Mrs. Rosemary Rear- A. Nfies, Mra. FabiAn PintMrs. Julio N- Mr. Edward Stokes, no, Mrs. Errol Phto. Jam Mr. Stephen Sturgil, Ford, Mrs. Lfia, Thelma, Olga and Irmn and Mrs.

Leignadier, Mise lierdi a Herre- and Mrs. Wirts, and Mr. Frank X. Charles At Hotel Washigton H. Courand gave a very her home in Sans Margretbden, complete picture of the problems Switzerland.

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Arts faced by the United States in its of the Royal Netherland Steam- efforts to supply the Latin Amer- ships lines in Cristobal were mar- ican republics with essential ex- ried at the District Court Thurs- ports under the present defense day at They were at- program; and brought out many tended by Mr. Amel- items of interest concerning this unxen.

Daulto Mann, Jr. William the club. Guests of the club who Goebtrtus, Mr. Zuydena, Ing Included Mr. Claude Courand, Mr. Dirk Zamderkaay, and Mr. Whit- Oscar Bejarano. Mann ama City and ChiefSurveyor for Mr. Albert G. Pana- has been t the puat three weel i tmre to si0 Cincinnati. William P. Hoff- mOer ofchemical Center, Mary- land near Baltimore.

Chaplain Hoffneyer left the Isthmus in when he was Chief of Chap- lains here. Chaplain and Mrs, offmneyer and their daughter sther, met Miss Wlolughby at the dock in New Yor kand re- turned to New York with her at he departure andspent two days sightein there.

The Panama American

Miss Willough- by aind s Hoffmeyer spent a nia, where they were the guests of Mrs. Harry Willoughby. All parents of school children and any other residents who are interested are urged to attend this meeting. Courand, assistant to theo;d. Department of Comm. Despite the fact-that "we are now entering a period when Increasingly tight situations will develop for a limited num- the Office of International Trade licensing policy has as- sured a flow of exports, through normal trade channels to Latin America, far in excess ot the previously self-imposed limita- tions of many countries, and above the normal levels of others.

Both Donald I. Oppenheimer were employed on their father's farm. The rules specified that only one could be deferred. Their dad was asked who was more valuable at home.

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