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Funky Club is a local pub that attracts a younger crowd. Funky Club has a great happy hour menu, plus tasty appetizers. Taipei has become a hub for amazing circuit parties throughout Asia. Guys in Taipei regularly visit saunas or massage parlors to relax and socialize. Aniki Wow , a modern sauna facility, has state-of-the-art equipment, including a gym and steam bath.

This sauna also hosts special events throughout the week, from foam parties to blackout events. In Touch Spa specializes in spa services for men. At this tranquil and clean space, you can expect body massages, body scrubs and wraps from its experts. In Touch also offers outcall services, so you can get pampered in the privacy of your hotel room.

Department of Information and Tourism,Taipei City Government

Royal Spa is popular for its massive selection of 30 natural oils used for traditional Chinese oil massage. This spa also offers comprehensive services like acupressure. If you prefer privacy, Royal Spa has private pools for you to enjoy. W Hotel Taipei , set in the cosmopolitan district of Xinyi, is conveniently located near the city center.

This friendly hotel is modern in its architecture and interior design, plus each room has a stunning view of the city.

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The hotel also offers great amenities, like its 10th-floor outdoor pool, spa and gym. This eco-friendly hotel combines the modern with century-old European architecture. You can easily walk to hip restaurants and design shops in this area. The ideal time to visit Taipei is at the end of October for its annual Pride celebration. Not only is the weather great during this time of year, but you also get to celebrate the monumental event with locals and a ton of other tourists in this ever-changing city. Save Save. This is the "Changde Street Incident" in history.

Changde Street is a public-used road with a hidden space that once belonged to gays in history, a place of freedom from heterosexual hegemony. The Ketagalan Boulevard is about meters long and 40 meters wide. At the end of the boulevard sits the Office of the President completed in On the land of Taiwan, Ketagalan Boulevard and the Office of the President has witnessed many protests in history. Although the route varies from year to year, Ketagalan Boulevard is usually the assembly place for activities. In LGBT Pride, it was hoped that the two referenda "the protection of same-sex marital rights with marriage as defined in the Civil Code" and "gender equality education" can be successfully passed in Taiwanese referendum.

Although the results were not as expected, this boulevard still witnessed the power of the rainbow.

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Gingin Store is located in a quiet lane behind the Taipower Building. It is a bookstore and a culture shop with various good products, exhibitions, arts and cultural activities. It is not only a safe, legitimate and warm LGBT space, but also a spiritual indicator in the rainbow kingdom. The Red House, located in the lively Ximending, is one of the must-see attractions that are popular among domestic and foreign travelers.

It is the first officially established public marketplace in Taiwan and a fairly well-preserved level three ancient monument. The "Bagua shape" of the octagonal building at the entrance embodies the meaning of the eight directions as, and the characteristic Cruciform Building with the"cross shape" is the main construction. Today's Red House is a perfect place to experience cultural creative industries, fashion industries and all kinds of performances.

In addition, there is cultural creative industries market during weekends. It is a good choice for people who love the hipster stuff. It is worth mentioning that a number of gay bars near the Red House have outdoor areas which is open to the public.

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Remarks: If you plan to visit the Red House and want information about food, drink and fun activities, you can also go to the Red House Visitor Center. There are warm and professional travel service staffs to provide detailed travel information and suggestions. With a long history and a vast campus, National Taiwan University is not only a university, but also a tourist attraction. For example, the meter long Royal Palm Boulevard is the most representative attraction of National Taiwan University.

At the end of the boulevardI stands the main library that many tourists like to visit and sometimes you can see couples taking wedding photos there. It is the first "legitimate" lesbian student club in Taiwan. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei was completed in and was originally "Jian Cheng primary school" dedicated to the education of Japanese children during the Japanese occupation period.

LGBTQ Travel Guide: Taipei, Taiwan

After , it was transferred to the office of the Taipei City Government. Since then it has become a new landmark on the cultural map of Taipei. In , the Judicial Yuan released the ruling, entitled Interpretation No. The Judicial Yuan in Taiwan released the interpretation No. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei said that it is an exhibition of epoch-making historical significance for reflecting the trend in It is the first stop for many foreign visitors to start knowing Taipei.

In , in response to submissions by the councilors of the Taipei City Council, on the 29th of October, on the morning of the day of the 14th Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade, Taipei City Hall flew the rainbow flag alongside the national flag for the first time. This was a joint act of the Taipei City Government and the City Council to express their "respect for diversity" and contribution to the push for amendments to the same-sex marriage right at that time.

On the 17th of May , Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. Taipei City, thanks to the efforts of various organizations, set up rainbow landscaping, the "Rainbow Six", at exit No. This new rainbow landscape also became a popular tourist check-in attraction of Taipei City.

It is located in front of Taipei City Hall Square. Here, the rainbow landscape stretches towards the City Council from the City Government, resembling a line aptly drawn in the form of a runway, stretching to the starting point of happiness. It not only conveys the true original spirit of gender equality advocated by Taipei City, but further echoes the Taiwan Pride Parade launched from the City Government every year.

The list includes coffee shops, hot pot restaurants, bookstores and related supplies.

Best Gay & Lesbian Bars In Taipei (LGBT Nightlife Guide)

For more information about the LGBT friendly shops and maps, please check the website of the Taipei friendly stores. It is held on the last Saturday of October each year. Currently it is the largest gay pride event in Asia which attracts participants from all over Taiwan, LGBT groups in neighborhood countries and social activists.

What they hope is to unite the power and voices of the public, make Taiwan a pluralistic, respectful and inclusive society. Participants on the pedestrian bridge waved rainbow flags.

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The household registration authority allows registration notes regarding partners of the same sex. Taipei City Government files a petition for constitutional interpretation regarding same-sex marriage. Employees of the Taipei City Government who register a partner of the same sex may take home care leaves and funeral leaves based on the registration.

The Taiwanese Constitutional Court issued J. Interpretation No.

best gay hookup places in Taipei Taiwan Best gay hookup places in Taipei Taiwan
best gay hookup places in Taipei Taiwan Best gay hookup places in Taipei Taiwan
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