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UPDATE NTSB releases further details of explosion damage to Norway The investigation of a deadly blast on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship has progressed slowly because of asbestos and other contamination, but inspectors are getting a clearer picture of the "extensive" damage to the boiler that exploded, the National Transportation Safety Board said Monday.

A foot long cylindrical drum, called a header, that held water in the SS Norway's boiler as it was heated into high-pressure steam was found to have "significant material failure. Bob Ford said. We're not making any conclusions. This is just one item," he said at a news conference. The FBI has investigated the ship, but "saw nothing to indicate sabotage. None of the more than 2, passengers was hurt. Inspectors can only spend about an hour in the boiler room due to poor ventilation, damage to walkways and contamination, Ford said. People going into the boiler room have to wear respirators and other protective equipment because of asbestos insulation covering steam pipes, he added.

The NTSB previously said the blast tore through a steel casing meant to protect workers from the heat inside the boiler. It hurled debris and a blast of steam as far three decks away on the year-old ship, which was docked at the Port of Miami at the time. Investigators are trying to determine how much force the casing is built to withstand, Ford said.

It was also unclear whether the header or casing was damaged first, he added. But both were damaged on the starboard, or right, side toward the rear of the boiler.

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Investigators have also interviewed almost crew members. The ship's engineers said nothing was out of the ordinary in the boiler room or operating console before the explosion. Norwegian Cruise Line said Monday it will have to completely rebuild the boiler involved in the accident, one of four on the ship, as well as repair walkways and other equipment before the ship sails again.

The company said that it doesn't expect the Norway to sail until Oct. Of the 18 crew members injured in the blast, four were still in the hospital Monday, including one in critical condition. Several crew members have sued the cruise line. Bernard Parish oil refineries, where flames lit the early morning sky. Sheriff Jack Stephens says crews contained the blaze at the ExxonMobil refinery in Chalmette fairly quickly. That was good news, he says, since another fire erupted about an hour later at the Murphy Oil Refinery in nearby Meraux.

Firefighters have contained the fire to one small area of the refinery and crews expect it to be extinguished before too long. One firefighter suffered a minor facial injury when he was struck by a hose shortly after the first fire started just before a. Stephens says no significant injuries were reported and plant personnel at both facilities have been accounted for.


Stephens says both eruptions appear to be accidental and there's no indication that either event was terrorist-related. Murphy plant manager Greg Neve says there's nothing to lead investigators into believing there was anything suspicious about the blaze. Stephens said earlier that the fire apparently happened in a system that breaks down crude oil into heavy fuel. A preliminary report indicates a vapor escaped from a valve and pump and when they moved to correct it, something flashed and ignited. A mechanical breakdown apparently occurred at the ExxonMobil facility as well.

Both incidents, however, remain under investigation. The facilities are about a mile and a half apart along St. Bernard Highway. Two trailer parks that house about people near the front gate of the Murphy facility were evacuated as a precaution. An emergency shelter is open at a nearby middle school. Four dead in factory blast From correspondents in Moscow 05jun03 TWO oxygen canisters have exploded at a metal foundry in Russia, killing four workers and seriously injuring two others.

The tanks exploded when they were being loaded at the factory in Kamensk-Uralsk, a city in the Ural Mountains region of Sverdlovsk. Emergency Situations Ministry spokesman Viktor Beltsov initially said two workers were killed, but his office said fragments of two more bodies were found later in the day. The force of the blast shattered windows outside the factory grounds, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported.

The cause of the accident was still being investigated, it said. Authorities extinguished the blaze in a storage tank as it threatened other areas of the Pinkenba refinery.

An emergency situation was declared when the fire began between the roof and a side wall of a 60 million litre crude oil tank before midnight. Police say BPs investigators think it is most likely a lightning strike started the fire during last night's storm. A team of about 30 firefighters worked fast to stop the fire spreading, getting it under control not long after midnight. They were assisted by crews from BP and the Brisbane airport.

The fire was allowed to burn as emergency services cooled down the area and it was extinguished early this morning. June 3 Interfax-South - The explosion at the Tuapse oil refinery, which occurred around a. The victims have been hospitalized in Tuapse and will be transferred to a hospital in Krasnodar shortly, he said.

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The explosion occurred when workers entered a reservoir to clean its interior of gasoline. The fire was contained by p. Dark smoke filled the building and spread throughout the surrounding neighborhood around 33rd and F streets. Fire officials said they had to call close to 50 Omaha firefighters in to help with the fire. Jim Pilanski said. Investigators believe an electrical malfunction caused the fire and they're ruling it accidental. Firefighters said all of the workers at the plant escaped without injuries.

There's no word yet on how much damage does done to the plant. Fire Causes Plastics Plant Evacuation A fire at a plastics factory in Mount Juliet forces the evacuation of the overnight shift, and sends three firefighters to the hospital. It happened on Industrial Drive. A fire broke out on one of the lines at Penske Plastics. The company makes Euraphane for boat building and luggage.

Officials say the fire was not toxic and the fire was quickly contained. No one inside the building was injured but, three firefighters were taken to a local hospital for smoke inhalation. They are all fine this morning.

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The Bosch plant makes brake calibers. Employees say the fire started at a ton furnace. Some hydraulic fluid caught fire and the fire spread to the roof. Most employees left the building but two employees stayed behind to fight the fire with extinguishers. Firefighters arrived and were able to put out the fire. So once they got rid of some of the smoke and some of the metal cooled down from the outside, they were able to get to it. Firefighters say the building is made mostly of steel which worked with them.

Valero reports more troubles at Benicia refinery Valero Energy Corp. A pump seal failure early Saturday morning in the fluid catalytic cracking unit FCCU resulted in a localized fire that damaged some instrumentation cables. Production of gasoline that meets California Air Resources Board or CARB standards will be down approximately 55, barrels per day during the duration. CARB production at the facility had already been down 40, barrels per day while the company has been working to replace the gas turbine in the hydrocracker.

Those repairs are said to be nearly complete. The localized fire, the second one reported in one of Valero's California refineries in as many weeks, was extinguished by Valero personnel and there were no reports of injuries. The Benicia refinery, located 25 miles northeast of San Francisco in Northern California, has the capacity to process , barrels of crude oil per day.

The company currently owns and operates 12 refineries in the United States and Canada with a combined throughput capacity of approximately 2 million barrels per day. Managing director Chris House said it was shut down to allow investigations to establish the cause of the blaze. He said only one employee was injured but it had not been established if the injuries were as a result of the fire.

Mr House said an explosion was followed by a fire suspected to have been caused by kerosene leakage in one of the tanks at Complex One. Complex One is a core part of the refinery as it is one of the two sections where crude oil is refined before it is graded to different oil products.

Industrial Fires & Explosions Alerts - SAFTENG

Following the fire, Complex Two was opened and will continue with operations, Mr House explained. The refinery boss allayed fears of a fuel shortage, saying Complex Two had the capacity to meet the demands of their clients. He said the damaged complex and the one in operation had a production capacity of 3, tonnes each a day. The extent of the damage could not be immediately established. Witnesses said there was an explosion followed by a huge flame.

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When I rushed out, I saw huge billows of smoke at the refinery. This is the second time in less than three years that a fire has erupted at the refinery. On August 5, , a similar explosion sent panic through the populous Mombasa West.

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