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How a Dating App Helped a Generation of Chinese Come Out of the Closet

Join for Free. Fridae Mobile. Fridae Perks. Usually you can meet people after 9pm at the facilities there, including gay Tibetans. Pleasant place. Staff are very friendly. Busy weekends pm till late.

Gay China and Chinese Gay and Lesbian Resources by Utopia Asia - 乌同邦

Add your review, comment, or correction Feng Huang Tai A sort of mini-park. Busy around 8pm. Dadawa Bar Lijiang old city. Good music and coffee. Small park To the left of the southern bridge across the Liu Jiang river. It is very active after dark with many, many Utopians on the lower levels where they sing and cut hair during the day, but down a level or two. Add your review, comment, or correction Macau Europe's first settlement in Asia, a former Portuguese colony, pre-dates Hong Kong's colonization by a few hundred years.

Cobbled alleys, baroque churches, historic graveyards, and Chinese temples have survived practically unaltered since their construction centuries ago. Population is a half million that's about 20, Utopians. Package includes male strip show at Divino club plus the Taboo show at the City of Dreams.

There is also an optional free half day city tour to the Macau historical attractions and natural landscapes with their guide staff. Visit the old world Cantonese downtown, with cool shops and eateries. The historic Portuguese district, with it's distinctive architecture, is gorgeous. The foodie scene here is excellent, with many influences from Europe joining those of China.

Ramy, LGBT activist from Egypt #standbyme

See their website for tour details. Add your review, comment, or correction Senado Square Especially after 7pm at night and all day Sun. Lots of Filipino guest workers looking to while away their leisure hours. Add your review, comment, or correction Walk around the outside of the Lisboa casino and you might meet some guys that are interested.

Add your review, comment, or correction Mianyang Sichuan The population of Mianyang is over 5 million that's more than , Utopians. Renmin Park Down the street from the Walmart, about a block away. Look at the signs and go past the 'monkey mountain' during the day there are several tea gardens in the vicinity. On the other side of the lake in the far corner of the park in the darker areas between the trees, there are men hanging out close to the facilities every evening from about 10pm-1am.

Some gays during the daytime, also, with lots of eye contact.

Anshun (Guizhou Province) -- area code +86-853

Be discreet, it is a mixed crowd and some MBs and a pickpockets also at work. Stoll down the next block to roughly opposite the entrance to People's Park across the road. Take a left into the alley and walk down it. About three quarters down the alley the road will make a small bend to the right; passing this you will see the next intersection with e-bike shops on all of the corners and there is no street name sign. Turn right and walk on the right hand side of the road and you will see the bathhouse. It has the brightest windows on the block.

Exchange your shoes for a locker key, face cloth and rubber slippers at the front desk they only have small sizes, so you may want to bring your own. Facilities include a large warm bath, showers and dry sauna - all open plan with the option to get a body scrub also done in the open. Day time and early evenings you find a lot of men who came to take a bath, chatting away with the other guys in the bath.

It turns more quiet after 10pm, with some eye contact. Not withstanding this, if you stay over night, you will experience a lot of touching and fondling under the blankets, which is frequently interrupted by staff. There are more inexpensive private rooms available if you have discovered someone you need to see in private. A odd set-up, but worthwhile to explore. Busiest over weekends, but less people and therefore more privacy during the week.

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A half block down on the left look for the large "" sign just above the doorway. Busiest on Fri and Sat 8pm-midnight.

Typical, run-down local neighborhood dive with showers, dark room and resting area. Karaoke and occasional drag shows. Busiest on Fri and Sat after pm. Typical, run-down local neighborhood dive. Open 24 hours. They also offer consultation and help for gay people which helps improve the ability to combat STDs.

After evening falls there are gays around the public facility at the edge of this square and along the small park area. Just behind the bus station, opposite the Science Museum. After 9pm you can find gay people here, especially on weekends, but after pm is the perfect time. More people between 8pm-midnight, especially weekends.

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Popular in evenings and weekends. Add your review, comment, or correction Ningbo Zhejiang Province Population is over 7. Always busy on weekends. They have sexy male gogo dancers, a drag queen show, and a cute MC. Mostly older gays young gays use apps to meet. Be discreet. The population is close to 7 million that's about , Utopians. Gay bar. Just sit on the rocks under the trees. Mixed crowd, young and old. Public facility is near. Friendly and curious people.

Baotou (Inner Mongolia) -- area code +86-472

Add your review, comment, or correction Cruising area behind the Quanzhou Bus Station, near Yiquan St, between the back of the station and public facility. You can meet guys under the big tree. They walk around as well. Just sit and wait. Add your review, comment, or correction Sanya Hainan The population of Sanya is over half a million people that's over 20, Utopians. Small bar serving mostly local guys in their late 20s. Shenyang Ark Tongzhi Care Group This support center based its name on the story about Noah's Ark, with the goal of providing help and information to gay and lesbian citizens in this city of 7 million.

Add your review, comment, or correction Ba Yi Park Famous cruising park in Heping District, more or less in city center. Supposed to be always jumping. Beware of MBs. There are lots of trees, a lake, an "extraventricular natatorium" Summer and a rockery. It is beautiful. A huge bar with the standard provincial drag queen shows except many of these queens have muscles and some have tattoos!

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