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As of , China had the world's second-highest number of top universities. The National Health and Family Planning Commission , together with its counterparts in the local commissions, oversees the health needs of the Chinese population. At that time, the Communist Party started the Patriotic Health Campaign , which was aimed at improving sanitation and hygiene, as well as treating and preventing several diseases.

Diseases such as cholera , typhoid and scarlet fever , which were previously rife in China, were nearly eradicated by the campaign. Healthcare in China became mostly privatized, and experienced a significant rise in quality. As of [update] , the average life expectancy at birth in China is 76 years, [] and the infant mortality rate is 7 per thousand. The government of the People's Republic of China officially espouses state atheism , [] and has conducted antireligious campaigns to this end.

Over the millennia, Chinese civilization has been influenced by various religious movements. The " three teachings ", including Confucianism , Taoism , and Buddhism Chinese Buddhism , historically have a significant role in shaping Chinese culture, [] [] enriching a theological and spiritual framework which harks back to the early Shang and Zhou dynasty. China is home to many of the world's tallest religious statues , including the tallest of all, the Spring Temple Buddha in Henan. Clear data on religious affiliation in China is difficult to gather due to varying definitions of "religion" and the unorganized, diffusive nature of Chinese religious traditions.

Scholars note that in China there is no clear boundary between three teachings religions and local folk religious practice. Significant faiths specifically connected to certain ethnic groups include Tibetan Buddhism and the Islamic religion of the Hui , Uyghur , Kazakh , Kyrgyz and other peoples in Northwest China. Since ancient times, Chinese culture has been heavily influenced by Confucianism. For much of the country's dynastic era, opportunities for social advancement could be provided by high performance in the prestigious imperial examinations , which have their origins in the Han dynasty.

Chinese culture has long emphasized a sense of deep history and a largely inward-looking national perspective. The first leaders of the People's Republic of China were born into the traditional imperial order, but were influenced by the May Fourth Movement and reformist ideals. They sought to change some traditional aspects of Chinese culture, such as rural land tenure, sexism , and the Confucian system of education, while preserving others, such as the family structure and culture of obedience to the state.

Some observers see the period following the establishment of the PRC in as a continuation of traditional Chinese dynastic history, while others claim that the Communist Party's rule has damaged the foundations of Chinese culture, especially through political movements such as the Cultural Revolution of the s, where many aspects of traditional culture were destroyed, having been denounced as "regressive and harmful" or "vestiges of feudalism ". Many important aspects of traditional Chinese morals and culture, such as Confucianism, art, literature, and performing arts like Peking opera , [] were altered to conform to government policies and propaganda at the time.

Access to foreign media remains heavily restricted. Today, the Chinese government has accepted numerous elements of traditional Chinese culture as being integral to Chinese society. With the rise of Chinese nationalism and the end of the Cultural Revolution, various forms of traditional Chinese art, literature, music, film, fashion and architecture have seen a vigorous revival, [] [] and folk and variety art in particular have sparked interest nationally and even worldwide. China received It is forecast by Euromonitor International that China will become the world's most popular destination for tourists by Chinese literature is based on the literature of the Zhou dynasty.

Li Bai and Du Fu opened the forking ways for the poetic circles through romanticism and realism respectively. In the wake of the New Culture Movement after the end of the Qing dynasty, Chinese literature embarked on a new era with written vernacular Chinese for ordinary citizens. Hu Shih and Lu Xun were pioneers in modern literature. Mo Yan , a xungen literature author, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in Chinese cuisine is highly diverse, drawing on several millennia of culinary history and geographical variety, in which the most influential are known as the "Eight Major Cuisines", including Sichuan , Cantonese , Jiangsu , Shandong , Fujian , Hunan , Anhui , and Zhejiang cuisines.

The diet of the common people in pre-modern times was largely grain and simple vegetables, with meat reserved for special occasions. And the bean products, such as tofu and soy milk , remain as a popular source of protein.

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Southern cuisine, due to the area's proximity to the ocean and milder climate, has a wide variety of seafood and vegetables; it differs in many respects from the wheat-based diets across dry northern China. Numerous offshoots of Chinese food, such as Hong Kong cuisine and American Chinese food , have emerged in the nations that play host to the Chinese diaspora. Chinese music covers a highly diverse range of music from the traditional music to the modern music.

Chinese music dates back before the pre-imperial times. Traditional Chinese opera is a form of musical theatre in China originating thousands of years and has regional style forms such as Beijing opera and Cantonese opera. Chinese rap , Chinese hip hop and Hong Kong hip hop have become popular in contemporary times. Cinema was first introduced to China in and the first Chinese film, Dingjun Mountain , was released in Hanfu is the historical clothing of the Han people in China.

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The qipao or cheongsam is a popular Chinese female dress. China has one of the oldest sporting cultures in the world. Physical fitness is widely emphasized in Chinese culture, with morning exercises such as qigong and t'ai chi ch'uan widely practiced, [] and commercial gyms and private fitness clubs are gaining popularity across the country. China has participated in the Olympic Games since , although it has only participated as the PRC since China hosted the Summer Olympics in Beijing, where its athletes received 51 gold medals — the highest number of gold medals of any participating nation that year.

Beijing and its nearby city Zhangjiakou of Hebei province will also collaboratively host the Olympic Winter Games , which will make Beijing the first city in the world to hold both the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics. These closely match the CIA World Factbook figures and similarly include coastal and territorial waters for the United States, but exclude coastal and territorial waters for China.

Further explanation of disputed ranking: The dispute for world's third-largest country arose from the inclusion of coastal and territorial waters for the United States. However, in the edition, the U. And then again in , U. During this time, China's total area remained unchanged. In other words, no coastal or territorial water area was added to China's total area figure.

Adding this figure to the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sovereign state in East Asia. For the Republic of China, see Taiwan. For other uses, see China disambiguation and PRC disambiguation. National Emblem. Land controlled by the People's Republic of China shown in dark green; land claimed but uncontrolled shown in light green.

Mongolian Uyghur Tibetan Zhuang various others. Majority Han Chinese 55 minorities [c]. Main article: Names of China. Main articles: History of China and Timeline of Chinese history. Further information: Dynasties in Chinese history.

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Main article: Republic of China — Main article: History of the People's Republic of China. Main article: Geography of China. Main article: Wildlife of China.

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Main articles: Environment of China and Environmental issues in China. Main article: Politics of China. See also: List of current Chinese provincial leaders. See also: Chinese Communist Party. This section relies too much on references to primary sources.

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Please improve this section by adding secondary or tertiary sources. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Main article: Government of China. Li Keqiang Premier. Main article: Foreign relations of China. Main article: People's Liberation Army.

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For Economic history of China, see Economic history of China before , Economic history of China — , and Economic history of China —present. See also: Income inequality in China.

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Main articles: Science and technology in China , Chinese space program , List of Chinese discoveries , List of Chinese inventions , and History of science and technology in China. Main article: Telecommunications in China. Main article: Transport in China. Main article: Water supply and sanitation in China.

Main article: Demographics of China. Main articles: Languages of China and List of endangered languages in China. Main article: Health in China. See also: Pharmaceutical industry in China. Main article: Religion in China. Main article: Chinese literature. Main article: Chinese cuisine. Main articles: Music of China , C-pop , and Chinese opera.

Main article: Cinema of China. Main articles: Fashion in China and Hanfu. Main articles: Sport in China and China at the Olympics. China portal Asia portal. See List of countries and dependencies by area for more information. The following two primary sources non-mirrored represent the range min. Both sources 1 exclude Taiwan from the area of China; 2 exclude China's coastal and territorial waters. Flag National Emblem. More from CBC P. Drivers that find themselves stranded in Shelburne should not be expecting to see traditional warming centres available this winter, due to the COVID pandemic.

Instead the County of Dufferin is looking on implementing the use of buses to temporarily house the drivers that find themselves stranded. He also said during a local Emergency Control Group meeting, that they discussed possible locations for the buses. Deputy Mayor Steven Anderson questioned if the County, taking the lead, would be fronting the cost for the buses, while also questioning the number of buses, and liability protection the Town would need.

Mills said that emergency situations are coordinated through the County adding that in severe situations the Red Cross is deployed to provide support.

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