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Data were collected from women who delivered their babies at Shariati Hospital in Bandar Abbas in the summer and autumn of The questionnaire consisted of four parts: demographic characteristics, factors affecting violence, areas of violence physical, emotional, sexual and maternal and fetal outcomes. Data analysis was performed by SPSS 18 using descriptive statistics, t-test, Chi-square, and logistic regression.

The prevalence of physical, sexual and psychological violence were 6. The variables of age, duration of marriage, previous marriage experience and the husband's addiction, had a significant relationship with applying physical violence of the husband. Materials and Methods This analytical cross-sectional study was conducted on 50 radiographers of three hospitals affiliated with Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences in The data were collected using a two-part questionnaire.

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The first part was related to the demographic information of the radiographers i. Conclusion According to the findings of the present study, the awareness level of the radiographers about the radiation protection principles was relatively good.

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However, it seems that the education level of the staff should be enhanced through holding regular short-term radiation training courses. Petrography, mineralization and mineral explorations in the Zendan salt dome Hara, Bandar Lengeh. Based on the structural geology of Iran, the Zendan salt dome is placed in the southeastern part of the Zagros zone Stocklin, Basalt and diabase rocks are mostly rocks that are exposed in the Zendan salt dome. Magnetite and hematite iron mineralization happened in all the building rocks of salt dome, and is not a uniform mineralization.

Iron mineralization contains hematite, spicularite, magnetite, goethite, and iron hydroxides. Magnetite-hematite-oligist layers red soil are the most iron mineralization in the Zendan salt dome, which are usually broken and scattered with gypsum layers mostly anhydrite, respectively.

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Copper mineralization consists of pyrite and chalcopyrite minerals that are mostly in tuff and shale units. The presence of low immobile trace elements in the Zendan salt dome and type of alteration shows that maybe the origin of this iron is deposited from brine fluid. Therefore, this deposit can be classified into VMS deposits. Materials and methods We have taken 60 samples rocks from the Zendan salt dome, and then prepared 20 thin and polished sections. Petrographic studies were done and 9 samples were selected for analysis.

These samples were sent to the Zarzma laboratory and the amount of FeO was determined by the wet chemical method and other amounts of oxides were determined by XRF. Six samples were analyzed for determining the major elements with the XRF method in the Binalood laboratory. Nine samples from vines. Latar Belakang : Keputihan merupakan masalah kesehatan reproduksi yang apabila tidak ditanggapi dengan serius akan memicu masalah yang lebih besar. Daun sirih dapat dijadikan sebagai obat penyembuhan keputihan karena mengandung zat samak yang memiliki daya mematikan kuman.

Tujuan : Tujuan penelitian ini adalah mengetahui bagaimana pengaruh daun sirih terhadap penanganan keputihan pada remaja putri diwilayah kerja Puskesmas Bandar Khalipah. Metodologi : Desain penelitian ini adalah qua The effects of the natural coagulant Moringa oleifera and alum in wastewater treatment at the Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery. Full Text Available Background: The refining process generates large volumes of wastewater containing a variety of chemical contaminants.

The use of natural substitutes in treating wastewater which have fewer harmful effects is considered an effective step towards protecting the environment and sustaining the development of these industries. Methods: This study was performed in in a laboratory using jar apparatus. These experiments were conducted in batch system and effective parameters including pH, coagulant dose and contact time were investigated on the wastewater obtained from Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery. Results: The jar test experiment showed that M.

Moreover, when M. Conclusion: The use of M. Epidemiologic findings of the patients who attempted suicide and referred to the Shahid Mohammadi hospital of Bandar Abbass in Full Text Available Objective: Suicide is the 13th leading cause of death worldwide and is influenced by cultural, psychological and social aspects. The aim of this study was to investigate the epidemiology of suicide in Bandar Abbas in Methods: In a cross-sectional study in , all suicidal patients who were referred to the emergency room ER of Shahid Mohammadi Hospital of Bandar Abbass were enrolled.

Fully trained medical interns of the ER first collected demographic data of the suicidal patients. Then the data, including their reason for attempting suicide, how they attempted suicide, previous suicide attempts, history of substance use, and the size of the family, were collected by direct interviewing the patient.

The collected data were analyzed using SPSS software. Results: About patients were enrolled in the study consisting men Mean age of the participants was Most of the suicidal patients were 18 to 26 years old Eleven patients 2. The most prevalent method of suicide leading to death was drug toxicity. Conclusion: Teaching problem-solving skills is an important way to control suicide.

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Identifying the risk groups, paying closer attention to the age group, and moral support of the patients with previous unsuccessful suicide attempts might decrease the suicide rate. Full Text Available In this paper, among multi-criteria models for complex decision-making and multiple-attribute models for assigning the most preferable choice, the technique for order preference by similarity ideal solution TOPSIS is implied.

The main objective of this research is to identify potential natural hazards in Bandar Abbas city, Iran, using TOPSIS model, which is based on an analytical hierarchy process structure. A set of 12 relevant geomorphologic parameters, including earthquake frequency, distance from the earthquake epicentre, number of faults, flood, talus creep, landslide, land subsidence, tide, hurricane and tidal wave, dust storms with external source, wind erosion and sea level fluctuations are considered to quantify inputs of the model.

The outputs of this study indicate that one region, among three assessed regions, has the maximum potential occurrence of natural hazards, while it has been urbanized at a greater rate compared to other regions. Furthermore, based on Delphi method, the earthquake frequency and the landslide are the most and the least dangerous phenomena, respectively.

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Preliminary investigation into the use of solar PV systems for residential application in Bandar Sri Iskandar, Malaysia. Dimas, F. In the near future, Malaysia is expected to be a net importer of oil, and the nation will have to face issues related to the security of supply and economic consequences. It is also anticipated that the energy demand for the country will increase with the increase in population and GDP. Realizing the situation, it is important that further emphasis is given into the diversification of energy resources.

One method is the exploitation of renewable energy to minimize the effects of global warming. Photovoltaic technology is widely used around the world in locations with scarce power generation options.

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  6. However, photovoltaic is still expensive compared to conventional methods of generating electricity. So a careful design of the system is required to ensure economic viability. This study describes a preliminary investigation of a solar PV system for residential applications in Bandar Sri Iskandar.

    Sizing procedures based on the peak sun hour concept is described for a Malaysian typical terraced house. Current and voltage measurements of the solar panel were carried out to predict the output under actual conditions at the site. Full Text Available The aim of this research is the study of the relationship between life style and social identity among youth.

    After reviewing local and international literature, while considering theories about cultural globalization life style and social identity, a theoretical framework regarding theories of Giddens was formulated. The method of this study was survey and its tool was questionnaire. Statistical society of the present research was the youth in Bandar Abbas city in Iran.

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    The sampling method used in this survey was multi-stage share random sampling. Sample size that was estimated according to Lin Table with 95 percent significance level and 4 percent error was The double variable analysis in this research suggested that there was a significant relationship among the variables: religious life style, traditional musician life style, modern musician life style and focused on body life style with the dependent variable of social identity.

    Moreover, according to the multivariable regression results the variables of religious life style, modern musician life style, traditional musician life style, sporty life style and friendly life styleIntimacytotally explained Prediction of safe driving Behaviours based on health belief model: the case of taxi drivers in Bandar Abbas, Iran. Road accidents are among the main causes of mortality. As safe and secure driving is a key strategy to reduce car injuries and offenses, the present research aimed to explore safe driving behaviours among taxi drivers based on the Health Belief Model HBM.

    This study was conducted on taxi drivers in Bandar Abbas who were selected based on a multiple stratified sampling method. Data were collected by a questionnaire comprised of a demographic information section along with the constructs of the HBM. The mean age of the participants was They all had, on average, Among the HBM components, cues to action and perceived benefits were shown to be positively correlated with safe driving behaviours, while perceived barriers were negatively correlated.

    Cues to action, perceived barriers and perceived benefits were shown to be the strongest predictors of a safe drivers' behaviour. Based on the results of this study in designing health promotion programmes to improve safe driving behaviours among taxi drivers, cues to action, perceived benefits and perceived barriers are important.

    Therefore, advertising, the design of information campaigns, emphasis on the benefits of safe driving behaviours and modification barriers are recommended. The effect of hydroxyzine on treating bruxism of 2- to year-old children admitted to the clinic of Bandar Abbas Children Hospital in Bruxism is to press or grind teeth against each other in non-physiologic cases, when an individual does not swallow or chew. If not treated, teeth problems, stress, mental disorders, frequent night waking, and headache is expected.

    This research aimed to study the effect of hydroxyzine on treating bruxism of 2- to year-old children admitted to the clinic of Bandar Abbas Children Hospital. In this clinical trial, children with the ages between years were Monitoring of Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum response to chloroquine in Bandar -Abbas district, Hormozgan province, Iran.

    Since prevalence of chloroquine resistance in Plasmodium falciparum at the malarious areas such as Iran and reliable reports from many countries indicating emergence of chloroquine- resistant strains of P. The patients were treated with a standard 3-day regimen of chloroquine and were followed-up clinically and parasitologically. Most cases of the parasite clearance time occurred at 48 hours The research employed quasi-experimental and pretest-posttest methods with control group. The results of the test using analysis of covariance showed that, according to the average job satisfaction in the experimental group compared to the control group, communication skills training increased job satisfaction in the experimental group.

    According to the average job performance in an experimental group compared to the average control group, communication skills training increased job performance in the experimental groups.

    transgender dating apps Bandar-e Abbas Iran Transgender dating apps Bandar-e Abbas Iran
    transgender dating apps Bandar-e Abbas Iran Transgender dating apps Bandar-e Abbas Iran
    transgender dating apps Bandar-e Abbas Iran Transgender dating apps Bandar-e Abbas Iran
    transgender dating apps Bandar-e Abbas Iran Transgender dating apps Bandar-e Abbas Iran
    transgender dating apps Bandar-e Abbas Iran Transgender dating apps Bandar-e Abbas Iran
    transgender dating apps Bandar-e Abbas Iran Transgender dating apps Bandar-e Abbas Iran

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