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In this report MRRSE Market Insights offers a year forecast for the global Intermediate Bulk Containers market between and In terms of value the global intermediate bulk containers market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 72 during The study reveals the intermediate bulk containers market dynamics in seven geographic segments along with emerging countries including China India Russia and Mexico.

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China and Russia spy on phone calls made by President Trump on his unsecure iPhones. Glazyev tapes continued: new details of Russian occupation of Crimea and attempts to dismember Ukraine. Big Promotion! How confident are you that the US is doing enough to prevent more Russian interference in our elections. Russische Musik.

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HIV prevalence was 3. Women reporting active social relationships were significantly more likely to return home. Despite their large numbers, and important role in the HIV epidemic in India, male clients of female sex workers FSWs are a difficult to reach population and little is known about their sexual behaviors.

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Using data from an integrated behavioral and biological assessment of clients in Bangalore in , we examined factors associated with their reports of having sex with three or more different female sex workers in the last month, and anal sex with sex workers. We included sociodemographic and sexual behavior factors and, for the first time in client studies in India, included data on the use of pornography and sexual enhancement products SEPs such as pills, oils, and sprays, in our multivariable analyses of client risk.

The profiles of men practicing the two risk behaviors examined were quite different. Travel in the past year, drunkenness in the past month, young age at first commercial sex , non-use of condoms at last sex , and finding sex workers in public places but not use of pornography and SEPs were independently associated with multiple partnering. More research is needed to better understand the links between pornography and SEPs, and HIV risk behaviors, and HIV prevention programs need to be cognizant of the importance of ensuring that condom use is adequately promoted and supported in the context of anal sex in female sex worker -client interactions.

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Peer outreach work as economic activity: implications for HIV prevention interventions among female sex workers. Female sex workers FSWs who work as peer outreach workers in HIV prevention programs are drawn from poor socio-economic groups and consider outreach work, among other things, as an economic activity.

Yet, while successful HIV prevention outcomes by such programs are attributed in part to the work of peers who have dense relations with FSW communities, there is scant discussion of the economic implications for FSWs of their work as peers. Using observational data obtained from an HIV prevention intervention for FSWs in south India, we examined the economic benefits and costs to peers of doing outreach work and their implications for sex workers ' economic security.

We found that peers considered their payment incommensurate with their workload, experienced long delays receiving compensation, and at times had to advance money from their pockets to do their assigned peer outreach work. For the intervention these conditions resulted in peer attrition and difficulties in recruitment of new peer workers.

We discuss the implications of these findings for uptake of services, and the possibility of reaching desired HIV outcomes. Inadequate and irregular compensation to peers and inadequate budgetary outlays to perform their community-based outreach work could weaken peers' relationships with FSW community members, undermine the effectiveness of peer-mediated HIV prevention programs and invalidate arguments for the use of peers.

Valadez, Joseph J. We detected high levels of risk behaviours, poor HIV-related knowledge, high stigma and lack of prevention programmes. These results must be interpreted in the context of the political situation which prohibited reaching an ideal sample size for FSW. Conclusion There is urgent need to implement an effective National HIV Strategy informed by the results of this research.

The risk of transmission within different risk groups and to the general population may be high given the recent military events that led to increased violence, migration, and the disruption of essential HIV-related services. Sexually transmissible infections among female sex workers : an international review with an emphasis on hard-to-access populations. Women who work commercially in sex work female sex workers [ FSW ] are considered a high-risk group for sexually transmissible infections STI , yet the level of reported pathogens varies in studies around the world.

This study reviewed STI rates reported in 42 studies of FSW around the world published between and and analysed the trends and types of populations surveyed, emphasising difficult to access FSW populations. Studies were retrieved by PUBMED and other search engines and were included if two or more pathogens were studied and valid laboratory methods were reported.

The five most commonly assessed pathogens were Neisseria gonorrhea prevalence 0. Neisseria gonorrhea and C. HIV was highly prevalent mostly in African countries. Although human papillomavirus infection was surveyed in few studies, prevalence rates were very high and its aetiological role in cervical cancer warrant its inclusion in future FSW monitoring. The five most commonly detected pathogens correspond to those that are highly prevalent in the general population, however there is an urgent need to develop rapid testing diagnostics for all five pathogens to increase prevention and treatment, especially in outreach programs to the most vulnerable groups among FSW.

Sexual violence against female sex workers in The Gambia: a cross-sectional examination of the associations between victimization and reproductive, sexual and mental health. Female sex workers FSW are a vulnerable population for sexual violence and poor sexual and reproductive health outcomes. This study will report the prevalence of and evaluate the health issues correlated with forced sex perpetrated by clients against FSW in The Gambia, and will secondly aim to inform future research and efforts to improve health outcomes for survivors of violence.

A cross-sectional survey was administered among FSW accrued through a combination of chain referral and venue-based sampling in The Gambia. Eligibility criteria included being over 16 years old and having exchanged sex for money, goods, or favors in the past 12 months. Women who reported forced sex by a client were more likely to report symptoms of depression aOR 2. Client-perpetrated forced sex was also negatively associated with receiving any sexually transmitted infection STI test in the past 12 months aOR: 0. Responding to sexual violence among FSW , including providing survivors with access to post-exposure prophylaxis, emergency contraception, and mental health services, must be a priority given the prevalence of forced sex and links with poor health outcomes.

HIV prevalence and characteristics of sex work among female sex workers in Hargeisa, Somaliland, Somalia. A face-to-face, structured interview using handheld-assisted personal interviewing HAPI on personal digital assistants PDAs was completed and blood collected for serological testing. FSWs years old accounted for 6. The majority International Most A minority HIV prevalence was 5.

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Sex work in Hargeisa, Somaliland, Somalia, is characterized by high numbers of sexual acts and extremely low knowledge of HIV. This study illustrates the need for targeted HIV prevention interventions focusing on HIV testing, risk-reduction awareness raising, and review of condom availability and distribution mechanisms among FSWs and males engaging with FSWs. Structural determinants of client perpetrated violence among female sex workers in two Mexican-U. Conners, Erin E. Bivariate and multivariate logistic regression analysis identified individual, client, interpersonal, work environment and macrostructural factors associated with recent CPV.

Our findings underscore the vulnerability of FSWs and the need to design policies and interventions addressing macro-level influences on CPV rather than exclusively targeting individual behaviors. Testing commercial sex workers for sexually transmitted infections in Victoria, Australia: an evaluation of the impact of reducing the frequency of testing. The frequency of testing sex workers for sexually transmitted infections STIs in Victoria, Australia, was changed from monthly to quarterly on 6 October More heterosexual men p FSW testing after the shift to quarterly testing.

Overall the change in frequency is likely to have had a beneficial effect on STI control in Victoria. Occupational and demographic factors associated with drug use among female sex workers at the China-Myanmar border. Within the last decade, the use of amphetamine type stimulants ATS has swelled in Myanmar.

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