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We reported two cases of long-standing hypogonadotropic hypogonadism presenting with wasting, bradycardia and heart failure. The two patients were admitted to emergency department for deep weakness, unresponsive anemia and severe bradycardia, requiring in one case the implanting of a monocameral pace-maker for treatment of heart failure. No previous cardiologic disorders were known and cardiac ischemia was ruled out in both patients. The first patient presented congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism combined with mild central hypothyroidism and growth hormone deficiency occurred in the peripubertal age, while the second one was diagnosed with isolated adult-onset severe central hypogonadism.

Testosterone deficiency was the main feature in both patients as physical examination revealed clinical stigmata of hypogonadism and testosterone replacement induced a dramatic improvement of general condition. Genetic analysis of genes involved in hypogonadotropic hypogonadism failed to identify alterations. Long-standing hypogonadism in males can be associated with life threatening body alterations including severe bradycardia and heart failure. A review of human male field studies of hormones and behavioral reproductive effort. The purpose of this paper is to review field studies of human male hormones and reproductive behavior.

We first discuss life history theory and related conceptual considerations. As illustrations, distinctive features of human male life histories such as coalitional aggression, long-term partnering and paternal care are noted, along with their relevance to overall reproductive effort and developmental plasticity. We address broad questions about what constitutes a human male field study of hormones and behavior, including the kinds of hormone and behavioral measures employed in existing studies.

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Turning to several sections of empirical review, we present and discuss evidence for links between prenatal and juvenile androgens and sexual attraction and aggression. This includes the proposal that adrenal androgens-DHEA and androstenedione-may play functional roles during juvenility as part of a life-stage specific system. We next review studies of adult male testosterone responses to competition, with these studies emphasizing men's involvement in individual and team sports.

Field studies of human male hormones and sexual behavior also focus on testosterone, showing some evidence of patterned changes in men's testosterone to sexual activity. Moreover, life stage-specific changes in male androgens may structure age-related differences in sexual behavior, including decreases in sexual behavior with senescence.

We overview the considerable body of research on male testosterone, partnerships and paternal care, noting the variation in social context and refinements in research design. A few field studies provide insight into relationships between partnering and paternal behavior and prolactin, oxytocin, and vasopressin.

In the third section of the review, we discuss patterns, limitations and directions for future research. Prospective study of emergency presentation of abdominal tuberculosis.

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Full Text Available Background: In developing countries like India, where poverty, malnutrition and overcrowding prevail, tuberculosis continues to be one of the important causes of morbidity, mortality and loss of working man hours. Abdominal tuberculosis TB can affect the gastrointestinal tract, the peritoneum, lymph nodes of the small bowel mesentery or the solid viscera e.

In emergency the patient may present with various presentations like stricture causing obstruction or with perforation and require a different management from those routine such cases Aim and Objective: To study the varied presentation of patients with Abdominal Tuberculosis as acute surgical abdomen presenting in emergency setting to those with a subacute course. To evaluate the line of management whether operative or conservative, the operative details, post operative course and the final outcome of the disease.

To study the incidence of HIV positivity in patients with abdominal tuberculosis. Methods and material: The study was designed as a prospective observational study conducted during a study period between June and June in a tertiary care centre in Mumbai. All patients with a clinical suspicion of abdominal tuberculosis were included in the study with confirmation on histopathological examination. Result and Conclusion: Age group commonly affected was between years with male predominance.

Amongst the various complications of abdominal tuberculosis intestinal obstruction was the most common mainly due to stricture and less commonly due to hyperplastic ileocaecal mass. Next common complication observed was free perforation of the intestine which occurs at a site proximal to a tight stricture.

All patients were. The aim of the present study is to provide a comparative analysis of job satisfaction among male and female teachers in early childhood education. A total of teachers participated in the study , which utilized Tahta's An analysis of job satisfaction of preschool teachers, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Job Satisfaction Survey and a…. Levanox, a hepato protective drug, and garlic powder have been considered as safe anti-oxidant agents. CCl4 intoxication was attempted using a dose of 0.

The similarity index at the epigenetic level was also studied using the primers under study. The control sample produced one amplified DNA fragment with Rf of 0. OPA-2 primer of sequence 5? However, the same primer produced one amplified DNA characteristic band with a molecular size of bp and Rf of 0. In the control sample, OPA-4 primer of sequence 5? Dual treatment with levanox and garlic powder resulted in a. Demographic pattern of male breast cancer: an institutional based study.

Background: Male breast cancer incidence rises with age with peak in the sixth and seventh decade. It is usually diagnosed in the late stage with poor prognosis. The evaluation was done from the histopathological reports of mastectomy and biopsy specimens. All male patients in the age group 26 year with breast cancer were included in the study.

The age of the patients and tumour characteristics recorded were size, grade, type, skin involvement and stage. Results: Total number of male patients with breast cancer were 31 2. Tumour size ranged from 2 to 12 Cm. Patients in whom stage of the disease was know n were 22 cases with Skin involvement was found positive in 8 Conclusion: Due to poor health care system breast cancer is diagnosed in a late stage of the disease and prognosis is poor. Male infertility after mesh hernia repair: A prospective study.

Several animal studies have raised concern about the risk for obstructive azoospermia owing to vasal fibrosis caused by the use of alloplastic mesh prosthesis in inguinal hernia repair. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of male infertility after bilateral mesh repair.

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In a prospective study , a questionnaire inquiring about involuntary childlessness, investigation for infertility and number of children was sent by mail to a group of men aged years, who had undergone bilateral mesh repair, identified in the Swedish Hernia Register SHR. Questionnaires were also sent to 2 control groups, 1 consisting of men from the SHR who had undergone bilateral repair without mesh, and 1 consisting of men identified in the general population. The control group from the SHR was matched for age and years elapsed since operation.

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The control group from the general population was matched for age and marital status. Method of approach anterior or posterior , type of mesh, and testicular status at the time of the repair had no significant impact on the answers to the questions. The results of this prospective study in men do not support the hypothesis that bilateral inguinal hernia repair with alloplastic mesh prosthesis causes male infertility at a significantly greater rate than those operated without mesh. A qualitative study of male dental hygienists' experiences after graduation.

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This report is part of a larger study undertaken in and for the author's doctoral dissertation. The study 's purpose was to explore the experiences of male dental hygienists--focusing on their experiences before, during, and after graduation. The researcher interviewed 14 practicing male dental hygienists from east of the Mississippi River and one participant from the Midwest.

Because of the length of the study , only their experiences following graduation from a dental hygiene program are discussed. Qualitative research methods were used to evaluate the information gained from the interviews, which entails analyzing interview transcripts and developing themes from the data. Four post-graduation themes emerged: participants experienced 1 no job-search difficulties, although some participants experienced minor problems with securing a position, most had little trouble in finding a job; 2 societal gender discrimination, mainly in relation to societal stereotypes about what men and women should do; 3 mixed feelings of acceptance by the profession, although most felt the profession accepting, there were some feelings of not belonging; and 4 career satisfaction, all but one of the participants felt satisfied with his career choice.

Northern fur seal pup production, adult male counts and harvest data for the Pribilof Islands, Alaska to Present. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This database contains information on pup production estimates, adult male counts and harvests commercial and subsistence for the Pribilof Islands of St. Paul and Self-reinforcing dominance interactions between virtual males and females. Hypothesis generation for primate studies. Although in group-living primates an individual's dominance position is a consequence of its social skills with both sexes, there are few data and hardly any theory on male -female dominance relationships.

In order to stimulate a systematic study on this topic, I present a simple individual-oriented. A case-control study of risk factors for male infertility in Southern Aim: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the association between selected potential socio-demographic and behavioural risk factors and infertility in Nigeria males. Methods: The study consisted of cases and controls. The cases were males with proven male infertility, while the controls were fertile males with Implications of male circumcision for women in Papua New Guinea: a transformational grounded theory study.

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This transformational grounded theory provides a means to explore how women experience male circumcision and penile modification in PNG, including for HIV prevention. Women who have had opportunities for education have a greater range of choices and an increased opportunity to act upon these choices. However, women can only exercise their power of choice in the context of safety. The concept of Peace drawn from the Social Determinants of Health is applied in order to extend the explanatory power of the transformational grounded theory.

This study shows that women's ambivalence about male circumcision is often related to lack of safety, a consequence of gender inequality in PNG. African American males diagnosed with schizophrenia: a phenomenological study. Little is known about how African American men with schizophrenia experience their every day existence.

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Through applying interpretive phenomenology and using a methodological structure designed by van Manen , , this research aimed to enrich the current understanding of what it is like for these African American males to live with schizophrenia. In this study , five men ranging in age from 21 to 57 described their lives within the context of existing with the diagnosis of schizophrenia.

The lived experiences across the interviews revealed four overarching themes: They know that they are mentally ill; they make a special effort to test reality; they assert their autonomy and; they experience reality differently, which they see as a gift. To provide appropriate treatment support to African American males diagnosed with schizophrenia, it is important to recognize the clients' ability to assert their autonomy and appreciate each man's view of himself as unique and special. Moreover, in terms of symptom management, it is pivotal to understand that although the client may not be free of hallucinations and delusions, he nevertheless may be at his optimum state of wellness.

The realization that these men have transcended their diagnosis of schizophrenia rather than being crushed by their condition is evident in their stories. Studies on induced mutation of sesame male sterility. The dry seeds of the high yielding cultivar, Yuzhi-4, were irradiated with , and Gy of 60 Co- gamma rays.

In M 2 , the single plant seeds were grown in progeny rows and the bulked seeds were grown as bulks. In further genetic research of the 25 male sterile plants in M 3 and M 4 , 6 separate genic male sterile GMS lines were identified. Their male sterility was stable and was controlled by a pair of alleles, male fertility being dominant to sterility. The study of untreated syphilis in the Negro male.

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