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Juiz de Fora. Manaus - Amazonas. Nevertheless, I suppose the guys who are masculine are more successful, because they are more handsome, right? It is harder and harder to find them because the majority is girlish. Real man is missing. Many times the guy says he is male only with his mouth closed LOL. It is boring you meet someone and that happens. Actually are not. Most try to hide they are feminine, because few people like this. I choose very carefully the picture to send, because depending on the picture, the person blocks you.

But I guess the trend is to say that neither you are, nor enjoy girlish profiles, even if deep inside you like it. My view is that, we live in a sexist and homophobic society, so the more masculine you are the better. And the other face of this same discourse is misogyny, which automatically condemns someone placed to an inferior position by resembling a woman. Likewise, Connel claims masculinity was forged in contrast to non-masculinity; it is possible to think heteronormativity and non-heteronormativity.

His words are clear when it comes to body shape Louro, , which includes self-exam and self-control to seek for acceptance in any context. I want to keep being male. I take care, you know. I even prefer to be confidential, that why I do not expose myself. Gee, the girlish ones have many nonsense slangs. When they call me those words, I do not even respond.

I hate when they call me sister, girlfriend, that kind of thing…. The excerpts 35 , 36 and 37 show visibility and sociability themes. Any kind of socialization with effeminate gays is avoided. The speaker suggests a fragile masculinity, easily questionable if he began hanging out with effeminates, which is what protects himself to assume his prejudice.

A year-old-guy, it is definitely not what I dreamed for my life. However, you know how difficult it is for men to go without sex; I am here only because of it. Nevertheless, I am going to delete it, soon. I feel bad, I feel like deleting the app. The excerpts point out that just having the app, as in 38 is disappointing, possibly because of some dream of the speaker about how would it be to be 30, and in a stable relationship, as the heteronormativity claims.

This excerpt is also important to reveal that, because it is so difficult to men to live without sex they look for Grindr. This is a linguistic refraction, as the absence of sex impacts any human being reflection. Transforming this aspect into something exclusively masculine ends up justifying the discomfort in in being a man, for needing sex and therefore, purifying the women. In the study we aimed at examining masculinity as associated with heteronormativity on a gay app though speech of its own users, which was done via an inductive study based on semi-structured interviews with men who use the app.

The main results suggest that Grindr is used as a way of sociability, especially because it provides comfort and the possibility to stay away from segregated spaces.

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Our findings deserve a note that enables analytical transpositions and contributions to the Organizational Studies. It is necessary to highlight the sociability matter.

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Checking the data, the virtuality did not imply any change on the social patterns; instead, they not only but also increased, considering that the non-personal contact provides for new methods of violence due to anonymity. The promise that technology would bring redemption to some marginalized groups failed, once the sociability patterns kept as they used to be. Confirming the conclusions of Eccel, Saraiva and Carrieri , we came across ambiguous masculinities, which reproduce the same pattern that punishes people for being who they are.

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It is already complex to think about a discriminated discriminating other, one that becomes even more serious with the interviewers, who despise the gays whom do not fit in the standards of heteronormativity, walking away from them. However, they seem to revolve in two axes: the masculinities of superior social status Lamont, , close to that defined by heteronormativity: athletic men, of medium height to tall, white, with short hair, and masculine appearance, and masculinities Lamont, , all of which have inferior aspects, such as men who are fat, short, black, with large, effeminate hair.

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It is not a question of two pure profiles, but of representations that suggest an ideal of masculine used as form of hierarchy of users of the application. And this brings up another question: misogyny. Being effeminate, somehow resembling a woman in appearance, tone of voice, language or behavior automatically lessens the gay.

For gay men who cannot or do not want to respond to the male ideal, they are aligned to a marginal position within the marginal experience of non-heterosexual sexuality, a possible source of tension and suffering. It is more important to appear male at any cost than to live their own sexuality in a healthy way. Even though the app is for the whole community, it is noticed the supremacy of a specific group that judges and rank all the others according their appearance, voice, malesness, being sexually active, being white, good-looking, tall, thin, athletic, and discreet, the others can only have a secondary role, and be submissive.

That explains somehow why part of the interviewed enjoy not having to go out from home looking for dates. Besides the danger of being gay in Brazil, the virtual frustration may be less difficult to deal with, nevertheless frustrating as well. Thus, technology can become a device of roughness and the worsening of the marginalization of whoever find themselves at the edge of society if the sociability keep reproducing the bullying of heteronormativity. We should all reflect about this.

Ahlm, J. Respectable promiscuity: digital cruising in an era of queer liberalism. Sexualities , 20 3 , Alcadipani, R. Re descobrindo as masculinidades. Dantas Eds. Almeida, M. Andreoli, G. Revista Movimento , 17 1 , Bakhtin, M. Marxismo e filosofia da linguagem 8th ed. Blackwell, C. Seeing and being seen: co-situation and impression formation using Grindr, a location-aware gay dating app. Braz, C. Butler, J. Gender trouble: feminism and the subversion of identity 2nd ed.

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New York: Routledge. Carrieri, A. Gender and work: representations of femininities and masculinities in the view of women Brazilian executivies. Brazilian Administration Review , 10 3 , Carvalho, C. Curitiba: Appris. Connel, R. Santiago: Ediciones de las Mujeres. Denzin, N. Handbook of qualitative research. Thousand Oaks: Sage.

Heteronormativity, Masculinity and Prejudice in Mobile Apps: The Case of Grindr in a Brazilian City

Eccel, C. Faria, A. Machado, A. Lysardo-Dias Eds. Ferreira, R. Fiorin, J. Mari, S. Pires, A. Machado Eds. Belo Horizonte: Carol Borges. Foucault, M. Rio de Janeiro: Graal. Frye, M. The politics of reality: essays in feminist theory. New York: Ten Speed. Garcia, A. Gregolin, M. Alfa , 39 , Grohmann, R.

Gudelunas, D. Hale, H. The role of practice in the development of military masculinities. Holter, O. Social theories for researching men and masculinities: direct gender hierarchy and structural inequality. Kmmel, J. Connell Eds. California: Sage. Illouz, E. O amor nos tempos do capitalismo.

best gay dating app Curitiba Brazil Best gay dating app Curitiba Brazil
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best gay dating app Curitiba Brazil Best gay dating app Curitiba Brazil
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best gay dating app Curitiba Brazil Best gay dating app Curitiba Brazil
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