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In the river valleys and deltas, the soil is rich and fertile, but southern and central Mozambique have poor and sandy soil, and parts of the interior are dry.

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Two main seasons, one wet and one dry, divide the climatic year. A severe drought began to affect the central region of the country in As of , the UN World Food Programme was still offering assistance to those who were most in need in the provinces of Maputo, Gaza, Inhambane, Manica, Sodala, and Tete, but the program was underfunded and there were an estimated , people still in need of assistance. Much of the same region suffered a flood in which affected , people. Thick forest covers the wet regions, where there are fertile soils, but the drier interior, which has sandy or rocky soils, supports only a thin savanna vegetation.

Extensive stands of hardwood, such as ebony, flourish throughout the country. Mozambique has elephants, buffalo, wildebeests, zebras, palapalas, hippopotamuses, lions, crocodiles, nyalas, and other southern African game species. As of , there were at least species of mammals, species of birds, and over 5, species of plants throughout the country.

The civil war combined with natural disasters from flooding and drought have created a life-threatening situation for the nation's people. According to a UN report, humans were the most endangered species in Mozambique. The nation lost 7. Mozambique has since launched reforestation projects, mostly involving the planting of conifers and eucalyptus.

The purity of the nation's water supply is also a significant issue. Surface and coastal waters have been affected by pollution. Mozambique has 99 cu km of renewable water resources. In , about 8. According to a report issued by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources IUCN , the number of threatened species included 12 types of mammals, 23 species of birds, 5 types of reptiles, 3 species of amphibians, 21 species of fish, 4 types of mollusks, 1 species of other invertebrates, and 46 species of plants. Endangered species in Mozambique include the green sea, hawksbill, olive ridley, and leatherback turtles.

The population of Mozambique in was estimated by the United Nations UN at 19,,, which placed it at number 54 in population among the nations of the world. There were 94 males for every females in the country. According to the UN, the annual population rate of change for — was expected to be 2. The projected population for the year was 27,, The AIDS epidemic causes higher death and infant mortality rates, and lowers life expectancy.

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Between April and the end of , an estimated , of the , Portuguese in Mozambique fled the country. Famine and war produced another exodus in the s, but this time of blacks. An October peace agreement left 4. Of the latter, at the end of , some 1,, were in Malawi; about , in South Africa , , in Zimbabwe, 75, in Tanzania, 48, in Swaziland, and 26, in Zambia. By May about , people in both categories had returned home. Mozambique traditionally supplies seasonal farm workers to South Africa farmers.

In October , the year civil war ended with a peace treaty. Over 1. In there were , migrants living in Mozambique, including a small number of refugees. In , there were refugees and 4, asylum seekers. In that same year Mozambicans applied for asylum in South Africa.

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In , the net migration rate was an estimated zero, a significant change from The government views the migration levels as satisfactory. Nearly the total population Overall, there are 10 major ethnic clusters. The Yao Ajawa live in Niassa Province.

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The Makonde live mainly along the Rovuma River. Other northern groups are the Nguni who also live in the far south and the Maravi. The Chopi are coastal people of Inhambane Province. Also living in Mozambique are EuroAfricans, accounting for about 0. Portuguese remains the official language. It is spoken as a first language by only about 8.

Different African ethnic groups speak their respective languages and dialects. The most prominent of these are Emakhuwa, spoken by about Reports from the National Institute of Statistics state that half of the population does not claim adherence to any religion or creed. However, local scholars claim that most of the population follows traditional indigenous customs and beliefs either exclusively or in conjunction with other religious traditions.

Veneration of ancestors plays an important role in traditional customs as do curandeiros , the traditional healers or spiritualists who are consulted for healing, luck, and solutions to problems.

The strongest Muslim communities are located in the northern provinces and along the coastal strip. Central provinces are predominantly Catholic and the southern regions have the most Protestants. There are also small groups of Jews , Hindus, and Baha'is across the country. There are over distinct denominations registered with the Department of Religious Affairs of the Ministry of Justice.

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Registration is required by law and an organization must have at least members in good standing to be registered. However, unregistered groups have been allowed to worship without restrictions.

The evangelical Christians are reported as the fastest growing religious groups in the country. Among Muslims, only Sunni and Ismaili communities are registered. The People's Republic of Mozambique is a secular state. The government guarantees every citizen full freedom of conscience and the right to practice a religion or not.

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Though church schools and hospitals were nationalized after independence, reports indicate that many of these institutions have been returned to their respective religious organizations. There is a council of bishops, including Catholic and Anglican members, that meets with the president on a fairly regular basis to talk about current issues. No religious holidays are officially observed, though individuals are generally allowed days off for their own religious observances.

Transport networks are of major importance to the economy. Mozambique's landlocked neighbors — Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Swaziland — along with South Africa are the main users of the Mozambican transport system. The railways are the best-developed sector, with three good rail links between major Mozambican ports and neighboring countries.

By independence in , almost the entire railway system was owned by the state and passed into the hands of the newly independent government. The route system is 3, km 1, mi long, all of it narrow gauge, with the single largest user being South Africa.

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The road network in totals an estimated 30, km 18, mi , of which 5, km 3, mi are paved, but few roads are suitable for trucks and passenger cars. In , there were 58, vehicles, including 29, passenger cars and 28, commercial vehicles. Maputo, by far the leading port, has an excellent multipurpose harbor, with exceptional loading, unloading, and storage facilities. Other ports include Beira, Nacala, and Inhambane, which was reopened in after a year closure. The Mozambican merchant fleet consisted of two cargo ships of 1, GRT or more, totaling 4, in As of , Mozambique had km mi of navigable waterways consisting of the Zambezi River to Tete and along Cahora Lake.

In , there were an estimated airports, 22 of which had paved runways as of In , about , passengers were carried on domestic and international flights. Maputo and Beira have international airports. Mozambique's earliest inhabitants were hunter-gatherers, often referred to as Bushmen. The land was occupied by Bantu peoples by about ad In the following centuries, trade developed with Arabs who came across the Indian Ocean to Sofala. The first Europeans in the area were the Portuguese, who began to settle and trade on the coast early in the 16th century.

During the 17th century, the Portuguese competed with Arabs for the trade in slaves, gold, and ivory, and set up agricultural plantations and estates. Mozambique was ruled as part of Goa until , when it was given its own administration. Until the late s, Portuguese penetration was restricted to the coast and the Zambezi Valley. The African peoples strongly resisted further expansion, but they were ultimately subdued. By the end of the 19th century, the Portuguese had made boundary agreements with their colonial rivals, the United Kingdom and Germany , and had suppressed much of the African resistance.

Authority was given to trading companies such as Mozambique Co. After the Portuguese revolution of , the government of Portugal took a more direct interest in Mozambique. The trading companies ' influence declined, and Mozambique in became an overseas province of Portugal.

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