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Video of sexual content said to be of female candidates were leaked in an attempt to scare them and push them away from the public arena, Hanaa says.

Tara Fares

When Loubna returned to Baghdad, she also noticed that life had changed - women were more visible in public spaces. In al-Mansour, a central neighbourhood of Baghdad, Loubna wears a T-shirt with jeans. In al-Sadr city, she wears a long shirt, wide trousers, and an Abaya - a loose, flowing, outer garment. Even for those most affected by her death, life goes on. It always has, through all the tribulations which the country has endured. We learned to keep thinking only of the future. Iraq has no shortage of unsolved murders.

There were many different theories for why Tara Fares was murdered and who might have done it. Hanaa Edwar says two young men said to be close to Tara were charged with her murder but released by a judge in February because of a lack of evidence. It has not been possible to confirm this. A month after Tara was killed, the Iraqi parliament ratified the assignment of new ministers - but the ministries of interior, defence and justice remained vacant.

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Even now Adel Abdul Mahdi, the prime minister, also acts as interior minister. We will work on putting an end to the security chaos. Since Tara was killed, only one person was allowed to speak on behalf of the authorities - Maj Gen Saad Maan - and he will not comment on the case. Hanaa Edwar says some kind of pressure is exercised over the interior ministry.

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Efforts are being made to improve the security situation, but targeted killings of both men and women continue. On 2 February , four months after the killing of Tara, the Iraqi novelist, Alaa Mashzoub, 51, was shot dead by an unknown assailant in Karbala, in southern Baghdad. She is now participating in some social forums and feminist clubs. Also, once I wrote defending her when people were bullying her. Faten is still waiting to hear about her asylum application in Turkey. She is now running a small online boutique, where she buys Turkish clothes and sells them to Iraqis, until she can find a job.

Only the elite and high-profile are protected. We, the ordinary people, are remembered just for votes. I was threatened despite the fact that I never criticised any political or religious group. We have seen killings, explosions, ISIS beheading people, and displacement. It can appear calm and normal, but then something big happens. We are used to it. Tara Fares The murder of an Instagram star.

A killing. The CCTV footage shows a white convertible in a narrow alley. The white sports car slowly rolls down the alley. How was your trip? The women needed to discuss an event to promote a contact lens brand. She tried calling again at about Who was Tara Fares? But there were just as many defending her. The pictures showed off her taste in clothes, her attitude and her tattoos. She wore what she wanted. But Tara was somehow different, more outrageous. She shocked people.

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She swore, she smoked. Tara had created herself. Once, long ago, she was a very different person - a teenager in a wedding dress. But she was only 16, and being forced to marry.

What could I have done? She never saw her son again.

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The star in the shroud. Iraqi local media quoted official statements by the ministries of interior and health. He suggested the case would be cleared up quickly. After an investigation, Ayoush was found innocent. Others who chose to live their lives differently said they had received threats. Pages in category "Iraq War" The following pages are in this category, out of total. House of Representatives. Senate plan to decentralize Iraq Iraqi authorities demand that U. S Troops can leave when they want Iraqi school children killed in US air strike Iraqis demonstrate on fourth anniversary of Baghdad's fall.

O Obama commutes whistleblower's sentence: Chelsea Manning to walk free in days Obama sets deadline to withdraw troops from Iraq.

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Three Ohio men indicted for terrorist plot against U. The meeting was aired on Iraqi television as a gesture to humiliate the Shiites. When the ayatollah died, Abdel Majid al-Khoei defected to London and founded a charity whose causes included Iraqi refugees in Iran, which is also mostly Shiite.

Defense & Security Affairs

It was funded with contributions from followers in Iraq, Iran and elsewhere. Al-Khoei began to indulge in politics in recent years with Iraqi opposition groups, annoying some exiles who felt he should stick to charitable work. He took part in the U. Shortly after U. Some of his opponents accused him of wanting to get a jump on other Shiite leaders in building popularity.

Al-Khoei, while a respected figure, did not hold a high position in the Shiite clerical hierarchy, where scholarly eminence can translate into politial influence. What support he did have in Iraq came mainly from his links to his father.

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