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Arbaeen marks the end of the day mourning period for the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. Hussein, the third Shia Imam, was killed in battle at Karbala in the 7th Century. His martyrdom is considered a defining event in the schism between Sunnis and Shia Muslims.

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There have been no reports of major incidents at this year's Arbaeen. As the meeting progressed, it became clear the Iranians had little cause to worry about the new Iraqi government. One by one, Mr. Danaiefar went down the list of cabinet members, describing their relationships to Iran. Ibrahim al-Jafari — who had previously served as Iraqi prime minister and by late was the foreign minister — was, like Mr.

In an interview, Mr. The former ministers of municipalities, communications and human rights were all members of the Badr Organization, a political and military group established by Iran in the s to oppose Saddam Hussein.

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The former minister of municipalities denied having a close relationship with Iran; the former human rights minister acknowledged being close to Iran, and praised Iran for helping Shiite Iraqis during Mr. The former minister of communications said that he served Iraq, not Iran, and that he maintained relationships with diplomats from many countries; the former minister of education said that he had not been supported by Iran, and that he served at the request of Prime Minister al-Abadi.

The former environment minister could not be reached for comment. The Syrian civil war was raging to the west, Islamic State militants had seized almost a third of Iraq and American troops were heading back to the region to confront the growing crisis. Against this chaotic backdrop, Mr. Jabr, then the transportation minister, welcomed General Suleimani, the Quds Force commander, to his office. General Suleimani had come to ask a favor: Iran needed access to Iraqi airspace to fly planeloads of weapons and other supplies to support the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad in its fight against American-backed rebels.

It was a request that placed Mr. Jabr at the center of the longstanding rivalry between the United States and Iran. General Suleimani, Mr. The transportation minister did not hesitate, and General Suleimani appeared to be pleased. As you wish! Jabr told the intelligence ministry officer.

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Jabr confirmed the meeting with General Suleimani, but said the flights from Iran to Syria carried humanitarian supplies and religious pilgrims traveling to Syria to visit holy sites, not weapons and military supplies to aid Mr. Assad as American officials believed. Meanwhile, Iraqi officials known to have a relationship with the United States came under special scrutiny, and Iran took measures to counter American influence. Indeed, many of the files show that as top American diplomats met behind closed doors with their Iraqi counterparts in Baghdad, their conversations were routinely reported back to the Iranians.

Throughout and , as a new Iraqi government settled in, the American ambassador, Stuart Jones, met often with Salim al-Jabouri, who was speaker of the Iraqi Parliament until last year.

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Jones declined to comment. The source urged the Iranians to develop closer ties to Mr. Another report reveals that Nechervan Barzani, then the prime minister of Kurdistan, met with top American and British officials and Mr. Through a spokesman, Mr. Sometimes, the Iranians also saw trade value in the information they received from their Iraqi sources. The source explained that the Americans might eventually try to export the natural gas to Europe, a major market for Russian natural gas.

And although Iran was initially suspicious of Mr. Abadi declined to comment.

But it has come at the cost of stability, with Sunnis perennially disenfranchised and looking to other groups, like the Islamic State, to protect them. That signaled divisions within Iran over its Iraq policies between more moderate elements under President Hassan Rouhani and militant factions like the Revolutionary Guards. The area around Jurf Al-Sakhar has been cleansed of terrorist agents. Their families have been driven away, most of their houses have been destroyed by military forces and the rest will be destroyed.

In some places, the palm orchards have been uprooted to be burned to prevent the terrorists from taking shelter among the trees. Jurf al-Sakhar, which lies just east of Falluja in the Euphrates River Valley, is lush with orange trees and palm groves. It was overrun by the Islamic State in , giving militants a foothold from which they could launch attacks on the holy cities of Karbala and Najaf.

When Shiite militias supported by Iran drove the militants out of Jurf al-Sakhar in late , the first major victory over the Islamic State, it became a ghost town. Tens of thousands were displaced, and a local politician, the only Sunni member on the provincial council, was found with a bullet hole through his head. One cable describes the damage in almost biblical terms.

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Above all, its officers blamed General Suleimani, whom they saw as a dangerous self-promoter using the anti-ISIS campaign as a launching pad for a political career back home in Iran. Doing that had made it obvious that Iran controlled the dreaded Shia militias — a potential gift to its rivals. It is not clear, however, if that initiative materialized.

We must think about limiting violence against innocent Sunnis in Iraq and limiting Mr. Currently, any actions taken against Sunnis will be blamed on Iran, whether Iran had a direct or indirect role in it, or none at all. Just as often, Iran would use its influence to close lucrative development deals. Today, Iran is struggling to maintain its hegemony in Iraq, just as the Americans did after the invasion. Iraqi officials, meanwhile, are increasingly worried that a provocation in Iraq on either side could set off a war between the two powerful countries vying for dominance in their homeland.

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