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And everyone shouts how the evil Russia has used nuclear weapons. Since no one can explain who hit the Malaysian airliner, it was obviously those damned Russian animals, those damned barbarians. After all, the use of nuclear and radiological weapons is supposed to be inconceivable, or nearly so, as the American nuclear strategist Albert Wohlstetter wrote in Nobody, however, likes to think about anything unpleasant, even to avoid it.

Unthinkable, it seems, except perhaps in certain dark corners of the Donbas conflict, where what approaches macabre enthusiasm feeds speculation about nuclear, radiological, and chemical conflict. The third incident received probably the least attention. Russian commentators were quick to exploit the incident.

While incidents of this sort are not unknown in the region—the former Soviet borderlands have been the epicenter of nuclear smuggling since the early s—each should be taken seriously. There a growing alignment of Right Sector paramilitaries and organized crime syndicates.

The Mukachevko incident occurred after a meeting held at a local sports complex owned by Lanyo [59] —Right Sector claimed they were discussing gym memberships—where the reported mediator was another Ukrainian parliament member, Viktor Baloga, who allegedly bankrolls the local Right Sector militia.

We are not an illegal armed group. Illegal armed groups are bandits, and we are the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, which protects the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Ukraine: The Squandered Renaissance

Therefore, this statement does not apply to us. Acknowledging the undeniable presence of Russian forces and support for proxy forces in eastern Ukraine, the use of that term is nonetheless idiosyncratic. Ruslan Pukhov makes this case:. These have been the fundamentals of war since antiquity.

We are not like Ukraine. You can deal with it only with the cohesion of the nation, with integrity, with all society working together. It can be argued that Russia has exploited fractures within Ukrainian society more than it has caused them. A more salient distinction is between conflict and warfare.

The conflict in Ukraine has manifold ethnic in the sense of language-as-identity , political and economic dimensions. Each faction is animated by different end-goals—be they political, ethnic, or otherwise—that are the mortar binding members.

18,228 Ukraine Police Premium High Res Photos

They also insist on a Ukraine which is geopolitically a pivotal area of Europe and which must be separated from its Asiatic neighbor, the Russian Federation. Russian irredentists subscribe to the creed at the macro level, extending welcomed or not Russian national identity to Ukrainians, since by their logic, most speak Russian and therefore are Russian. An under noticed yet defining characteristic of the Donbas conflict is that it is waged in substantial part, not by Ukrainian armed forces, but by private militias under loose to no government command.

It was intended to bring the private militias under some governmental command structure. While it is a point of debate whether the volunteer brigades express larger political or social trends afoot in Ukraine, they have unquestionably morphed into a de facto fourth branch of Ukrainian civil society. Among the fifty-odd pro-Kyev volunteer battalions active at one time or another in the Donbas conflict, six battalions predominate.

Azov Battalion. Biletsky wrote:. We certainly do not reject the importance of spiritual, cultural and linguistic factors, nor pride of place. But our deepest held conviction is that all this derives from our race, our racial identity. If the Ukrainian spirit, culture and language are unique, it is only because our racial identity is unique.

If Ukraine is a paradise on earth, it is only because our race turned her into one. In addition to the matter of racial purity, we must be mindful of the relative value of other races. Ukrainians are part and one of the largest and purest of the European White race. The historic mission of our nation in this watershed century is to lead the White peoples of the world in the last crusade for their existence.

To lead the crusade against the Semite-led subhumans. Only their revival and embodiment in the struggle of a group of fanatical champions can lead to the final victory of European civilization in the world. Dnipro Battalion. It is based in Dnipropetrovsk and subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The battalion operates as an assault and a policing unit, with a reported force of combatants and an additional 20, in reserve.

Donbas Battalion. It was absorbed into the National Guard as a reserve battalion tactical group in June and fields a reported force of combatants. Right Sector. Praviy Sektor emerged in November as an umbrella formed by several far-right and ultra-nationalist political groups, including:. Saint Mary Battalion.

Its commander is Alexei Serdyuk, and its ranks include members of now-disbanded for looting Azov Battalion units. This organization has received far too little attention relative to its significance. The latter include:. Russian media depictions of events in Ukraine shifted in the last several weeks. There is far less emphasis on the conflict in eastern Ukraine per se, and the cause of separatism in the Donbas generally.

There is a curious consonance between the new Russian narrative and the volunteer battalions exemplified by Right Sector.

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