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The Soviets used tail-gunner positions similar to the B in many later bombers and transports.

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Many aircraft went into storage, being declared excess inventory and were ultimately scrapped as surplus. Others remained in the active inventory and equipped the Strategic Air Command when it formed on 21 March Some Bs, fitted with filtered air sampling scoops, were used to monitor above ground nuclear weapons testing by the United States and the USSR by sampling airborne radioactive contamination.

The B was used in —53 in the Korean War. At first, the bomber was used in normal strategic day-bombing missions, though North Korea's few strategic targets and industries were quickly destroyed. More importantly, in numbers of Soviet MiG jet fighters appeared over Korea, and after the loss of 28 aircraft, future B raids were restricted to night-only missions, largely in a supply-interdiction role.

The B dropped the 1,lb VB-3 "Razon" a range-controllable version of the earlier Azon guided ordnance device [74] and the 12, lb. The aircraft also was used for numerous leaflet drops in North Korea, such as those for Operation Moolah. Over the course of the war, Bs flew 20, sorties and dropped , tonnes , tons of bombs. B gunners were credited with shooting down 27 enemy aircraft. Soviet records show that one MiG jet fighter was shot down by a B during the war.

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  • This occurred on 6 December , when a B shot down Lieutenant N. With the arrival of the mammoth Convair B , the B was reclassified as a medium bomber by the Air Force. However, the later B Superfortress variant initially designated BD was good enough to handle auxiliary roles such as air-sea rescue , electronic intelligence gathering, air-to-air refueling , and weather reconnaissance. The BD was replaced in its primary role during the early s by the Boeing B Stratojet , which in turn was replaced by the Boeing B Stratofortress.

    The final active-duty KB and WB variants were phased out in the mids, with the final example retired in A total of 3, Bs were built.

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    The variants of the B were outwardly similar in appearance but were in fact built around different wing center sections that affected the wingspan dimensions. The wing of the Renton built BA-BN used a different subassembly process and was a foot longer in span. A planned C series with more reliable Rs was not built.

    Moreover, engine packages changed; including the type of propellers and range of the variable pitch. A notable example were the eventual 65 airframes up to 's end for the Silverplate and successor-name "Saddletree" specifications; built for the Manhattan Project with Curtiss Electric reversible pitch propellers. The other differences came about through added equipment for varied mission roles.

    Some were used for odd purposes such as flying relay television transmitters under the name of Stratovision. Another role was as a mothership. This included being rigged for carrying the experimental parasite fighter aircraft, such as the McDonnell XF Goblin and Republic F Thunderjets as in flight lock on and offs. It was also used to develop the Airborne Early Warning program; it was the ancestor of various modern radar picket aircraft.

    A B with the original Wright Duplex Cyclone powerplants was used to air-launch the famous Bell X-1 supersonic research rocket aircraft, as well as Cherokee rockets for the testing of ejection seats. Some Bs were modified to act as test beds for various new systems or special conditions, including fire-control systems, cold-weather operations, and various armament configurations.

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    Several converted Bs were used to experiment with aerial refueling and re-designated as KBs. Perhaps the most important tests were conducted by the XBG ; it carried prototype jet engines in its bomb bay, and lowered them into the air stream to conduct measurements. Doc made its first flight in 60 years from Wichita, Kansas, on 17 July Three of the Silverplate Bs modified to drop nuclear bombs survive.

    The Enola Gay nose number 82 , which dropped the first atomic bomb, was fully restored and placed on display at the Smithsonian 's Steven F. The third is the 15th Silverplate to be delivered, on the last day of the war in the Pacific. Data from Quest for Performance [86]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see B29 disambiguation. Four-engined American heavy bomber aircraft. See also: Air raids on Japan. Main article: Tupolev Tu This section needs additional citations for verification.

    Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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    Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Main article: Boeing B Superfortress variants. Main article: List of B Superfortress operators. Main article: List of surviving Boeing B Superfortresses. Aviation portal. Only 10 of these aircraft were built. While other aircraft such as the Ju 86P were pressurized, the B was designed from the outset with a pressurized system. Because of this "Ramp Tramp" was unable to reach the home-base at Chengdu , China, and the pilot opted to head for Vladivostok. The complete wing and engines of Cait Paomat were later incorporated into the sole Tupolev Tu transport aircraft.

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    The man crew of the B was not injured in the attack, and was released after being interned for 13 days. Retrieved: 5 August Retrieved 1 January How the War Was Won First ed. Cambridge University Press. Heavy Bomber". The Pacific War Online Encyclopedia. Retrieved 1 April Rachel 17 July McConnell AFB. Retrieved 2 July Retrieved 17 February Retrieved: 15 November Retrieved: 11 April Retrieved: 22 March Popular Mechanics. Hearst Magazines.

    Retrieved: 30 May Retrieved: 19 June Retrieved: 18 February Retrieved: 16 June Sergeant Shigeo Nobe of the 4th Sentai intentionally flew his Kawasaki Ki into a B; debris from the explosion following this attack severely damaged another B, which also went down. See: "Pacific War Chronology: August Retrieved: 12 June Archived 2 April at the Wayback Machine. Several Bs were destroyed in this way over the ensuing months. Although the term " Kamikaze " is often used to refer to the pilots conducting these attacks, the word was not used by the Japanese military.

    Retrieved: 7 June Vance 14 August The Future of Freedom Foundation. Retrieved 8 August Retrieved: 8 June Ivan, Jr. Shelbyville, Tennessee: J. Retrieved: 21 October Popular Science. Bonnier Corporation. Military Aircraft of Australia.

    Weston Creek, Australia: Aerospace Publications. Retrieved: 28 January Retrieved: 1 November David Lednicer, 16 April Retrieved: 31 July Archived from the original on 9 August Retrieved 2 November Retrieved: 20 July Retrieved: 28 November Retrieved: 18 May Korean War Database.

    Archived from the original on 4 June Retrieved 3 May Retrieved: 17 May Retrieved: 17 July Retrieved: 22 April Retrieved 16 April The illustrated encyclopedia of combat aircraft of World War II. New York: Bookthrift Publications. Anderton, David A. B Superfortress at War.

    Berger, Carl. B The Superfortress. New York: Ballantine Books, Birdsall, Steve. B Superfortress in Action Aircraft in Action Superfortress: The Boeing B Bowers, Peter M. Boeing Aircraft since London: Putnam, Boeing B Superfortress. Stillwater, Minnesota: Voyageur Press, Brown, J. Air Enthusiast , Number Three, , pp.

    Campbell, Richard H. Chant, Christopher. Superprofile: B Superfortress. Clarke, Chris. Washington, D. Davis, Larry. Dear, I. Foo, eds. Dorr, Robert F. Combat Aircraft B Superfortress Units of the Korean War. Fopp, Michael A. The Washington File. McDonnell Douglas Aircraft since Futrell R. Grant, R. Flight: Years of Aviation. Herbert, Kevin B. Manhattan, Kansas: Sunflower University Press, Herman, Arthur. New York: Random House, Hess, William N. Paul, Minnesota: Motorbooks International, Higham, Robin and Carol Williams, eds.

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    Volume 1. Howlett, Chris.

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